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Mike Tyson rooting for Ricky Hatton, discusses Klitschko brothers and David Haye

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson says that Ricky Hatton doesn't need to rush his comeback to get to the elite level again, and that the Klitschko brothers would give anyone problems in the ring.

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Hall of Famer and former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson never did comeback from the bad losses at the end of his career, but says he supports the return of Ricky Hatton, and also gives his thoughts on today's heavyweight fighters in an excellent interview with Gareth A Davies of the Telegraph.

On Hatton's return, which will take place November 24 in Manchester:

"Yes, I'm excited about his comeback. But is he excited about it? If he's excited about it, it excites me more. If he has the same vigour and hunger, that excites me. Ricky was in a lot of tough fights some people need time off to regenerate their batteries and we've seen people do that and come back and be successful. ... My main advice for Ricky would be to take it very easy, you don't go in over your head to prove you're tough. Take comfortable fights and build your confidence back up be comfortable about being back in the ring."

This is the same hope that many have for Hatton, who isn't starting off easy against ex-welterweight titlist Vyacheslav Senchenko, but isn't going in against someone you'd call a killer, either.

Tyson also spoke about the Klitschko brothers, and gave them his respect:

"The Klitschkos are great fighters – you can't take that away from them. They would have given anyone problems – including me. They would be tough for anybody to fight. I know people hate to believe this but they're tough for anybody. Sometimes we don't want to believe it. We're stuck on apple pie in our era. We like Chuck Berry; we like Elvis Presley. People get better as men from the cavemen to now. We are supposed to get better. From the 80s to now we've got better."

And on David Haye, Tyson also has good things to say:

"I know David Haye. As time goes on I hope he progresses to a more mature fighter. I think if he keeps fighting and gets more experience hell be a heavyweight champ again. David Haye does have humility he just doesn't have the humility we think he should have. He does have humility when he's alone. He knows what he's doing. This isn't an actor this is a real act what he's doing. It's funny cause it's not him but it is him, this is what he has to do to accomplish the goals that he needs to achieve."

Tyson, as usual, is very interesting to read and listen to when he's discussing the boxing game, and brings his own perspective to everything. I always find it cool to read someone who doesn't at all seem influenced by the general perceptions of anyone -- Tyson has his own thoughts and his own feelings on today's boxing landscape.

Now that you've heard it from Tyson, what do you think about his thoughts on today's heavyweights and the Hatton comeback? Is he right about the Klitschkos, and/or do his thoughts influence yours at all?

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