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Vazquez Jr vs Oquendo results: WV2 wins in seven, 'The War' lives up to its name

Wilfredo Vazquez Jr and Jonathan Oquendo fought in a main event in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, dubbed 'The War' by promoters. The fight lived up to that and then some.

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When tonight's pay-per-view from Bayamon, Puerto Rico, was named "The War," it was set as a Puerto Rico vs Mexico matchup between Wilfredo Vazquez Jr and Rafael Marquez. But that fight, originally slated for August 4, was postponed and then ultimately canceled, turning the show's main event into an all-Puerto Rico showdown between Vazquez Jr and Jonathan Oquendo.

When all was said and done, the fight earned its title, and then some.

Vazquez Jr rallied from a deficit to stop Oquendo in the seventh round, battering him until he took a knee and simply did not get back up. It had been a pure brawl up to that point, with Oquendo (22-3, 15 KO) charging out of the gates in the first round and immediately looking to put the hurt on his countryman, only for Vazquez Jr (22-2-1, 19 KO) to weather the storm, start picking shots with his right hand, and eventually, become just too much for Oquendo, whose gas tank betrayed him and caused the fold.

It was really just one hell of a great fight all around, with a rabid crowd reacting to everything both of them did, and two guys who came to leave what they had in the ring, which they did.

After the fight, there was the usual embrace, with a lot of pride and respect from Vazquez Jr toward Oquendo, who looked disappointed, of course, but has to know that he exceeded the expectations of most, and provided some thrills for boxing fans who tuned and bought their tickets to the show.

For more on the Vazquez Jr-Oquendo card, including full undercard results, check the StoryStream for the fight. Thanks for joining us tonight.

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