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Julio Cesar Chavez Sr says he'll give his son space, expects him to learn from loss to Martinez

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr says it's time for his son Julio Jr to make his own way in boxing, and says he'll give him space going forward.

Jeff Bottari - Getty Images

Following Julio Cesar Chavez Jr speaking out about his father playing a "complicated" role in his last training camp, the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez Sr tells that he's going to give his son space, and that the two of them have spoken and come to an understanding.

"Between me and my son, we don't have a single problem. The truth is, there are things that as a parent I did not like, but you have to understand also - he is not a little boy. He is grown and wants to forge his own path. I am here to help him, not to bother him."

... "But everything is in his hands and I have to give my son his space. Thank God that we spoke and he is aware of the mistakes that were made, but you learn from your defeats and my son will definitely come back stronger."

So the Chavez Jr saga will continue, with his father perhaps stepping back even more. Now don't get me wrong -- unless something wild changes, Chavez Sr will always be there on fight night in his red headband, screaming his head off, because, you know, that's his kid, and he cares, and he wants to help. I actually don't really question his motives at all. They seem well-intentioned.

But the cat's in the cradle and all that shit, and it's time for Julio Jr to either make it or not. He'll always box and make money as long as he wants to -- an audience will always be there for him, even if it were to dwindle. But if Jr is going to become a true long-term player, it's on him, and his dad can't do any more for him in that regard. So if this is the real deal, I think the timing is right and it's a good move. The kid's gotta go his own way now, and Sr knows it.

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