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Boxing results and recaps, Oct. 2-5: Satoshi Hosono / Sod Kokietgym overwhelm, Claudia Lopez battles, & Blake Caparello shines

This weekend recap is devoted to events that most casual American boxing fans haven’t seen or heard of. Fights from last Tuesday through Friday are covered.

Brock Ellis

2012-10-02 Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

I have no idea if this event was televised. I merely managed to watch a few bouts from camcorder recordings put on the internet.

Satoshi Hosono TKO7 Rikiya Fukuhara

In the co-main event of the evening former 2 time world title challenger Hosono overwhelmed his opponent and slowly grinded him down until he was out on his feet. Even though Fukuhara's corner threw in the towel the referee appeared to be in the process of stopping it without being aware. A right uppercut was the signature punch of the final combination thrown. Although Fukuhara was crouched, the punch popped him straight up.

Naoya Inoue KO4 Crison Omayao

Former amateur standout Inoue looked impressive in his pro debut against Omayao, displaying speed, power, and great reflexes. A straight right hand to the body caused Omayao to take a knee in the 1st round. Uppercuts to the body later finished Omayao off. Omayao, a former Philippines Boxing Federation (PBF) light flyweight champion, came into the bout with a winning record and had never been stopped before. Fans clearly packed the hall to watch Inoue for a good reason.

*Ryuji Hara UD10 Kenichi Horikawa

In the main event of the evening, which I was unable to view, undefeated prospect Hara picked up the Japanese minimumweight title. From what I've read it was an exciting competitive fight.

2012-10-04 Ban Rai Temple, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

This was televised by Thailand Colour Television Channel 3.

Sod Kokietgym TKO3 Lin Guo Wei

In a main event pitting Thailand against China, Sod dominated Lin Guo and defended his WBC Asian Boxing Council super bantamweight title. There was a massive experience gap in on their records and it showed in the ring. Wei, who went down numerous times in the bout, was finished off with a straight left (southpaw) that knocked his mouthpiece out. The referee waved it off while Wei was on his knees.

Usanakorn Kokietgym TKO2 Lu Run

Usanakorn, undefeated in "her" native Thailand, destroyed yet another overmatched opponent and managed to pick up the vacant WBC Silver female bantamweight title in the process. Usanakorn's only 2 career defeats have come against Ana Maria Torres and most recently Susie Ramadan, where Usanakorn lost her "gold" WBC bantamweight title. Drug testing for the Ramadan bout revealed high levels of testosterone in Usanakorn's system. When WBC physicians asked to do further testing to verify Usanakorn's gender, she refused. Although I'm unaware of the current status, an investigation was begun to uncover whether or not Usanakorn was born a man. All I can say is that she does kind of look and fight like one.

2012-10-05 Auditorio Presidente Néstor Kirchner, Mercado Central, Tapiales, Buenos Aires, Argentina

TV Publica televised 2 bouts.

Claudia Andrea Lopez UD10 Maria Elena Maderna

Lopez, who looked like a midget next to Maderna, was the superior technician but opted to trade with her much larger opponent rather than purely box. Trying to lead with an uppercut, Lopez walked right into Maderna's right hand in the 5th round and went down. Luckily for Lopez the round was nearly over and Maderna had never won a fight by knockout in the past anyhow. Lopez regrouped by the very next round and even picked up the pace. Lopez took a good shot for every 2 or 3 she landed, but she trusted her chin despite the earlier knockdown. It was a war to the very end with Lopez emerging as the clear winner. With the win Lopez picked up the vacant IBF female super featherweight title.

Ricardo Marcelo Ramallo KO3 Victor Hugo Mujica

Working behind his jab Ramallo controlled range through most of the bout. When the shorter Mujica got inside he made the mistake of head hunting and struggled to find the target. In round 3 Mujica, previously rocked by a shot that sent him backward, was put down for the count when Ramallo landed a right hand over top of Mujica's weak jab. The punch caught Mujica high on the side of the head.

2012-10-05 Camden Centre, Kings Cross, London, United Kingdom

Eurosport televised 3 bouts.

Wayne Alwan-Arab PTS10 Beka Sutidze [100-90]

Alwan-Arab was simply too tall, too slick, and too fast for Sutidze. And when Sutidze finally could get Alwan-Arab where he wanted him, Wayne's shell defense proved beyond Beka's penetration capabilities. Referee Jeff Hinds gave Wayne every round. With the victory undefeated prospect Alwan-Arab was awarded the vacant International Masters light-middleweight title. But how far can he really go with only 1 KO in his now 15 wins?

Kasper Bruun PTS6 Radoslav Mitev

The taller, longer Bruun did most of the leading while Mitev did most of the countering. While both were effective when they punched, Bruun clearly did most of the punching. Mitev wore down and ate bigger shots as the fight went on, but lasted the distance. Referee Robert Williams scored it a shutout. It's hard to disagree.

Danny Ahrens PTS4 Kevin McCauley

After a fairly even 1st round, Ahrens, making his pro debut, came out stronger to start the 2nd and had McCauley in a bit or trouble early and late in the round. Ahrens continued to give McCauley a beating in the 3rd round, but at more of a pace like the 1st. While Ahrens appeared just as sharp in the 3rd and he did the 1st, the older McCauley had clearly faded a great deal. For a fighter that lost his last 11 straight, what more could you expect?

2012-10-05 Croatian Club, Ardeer, Victoria, Australia

I'm not sure how much Australia's FOX Sports televised of this card as I only managed to catch the main event and one of the undercards.

Blake Caparello UD10 Aaron Pryor Jr [100-90, 99-91, 98-92]

Caparello, southpaw, used overhand lefts, and sometimes rights, to catch Pryor frequently throughout the bout. Pryor was aggressive as always but struggled to get himself set to punch. Caparello did a lot of moving and stayed low when the awkward, 6'4" Pryor was in range. Going into round 7 Pryor's trainer James Ali Bashir told him that boxing was over and he had to knock Caparello out or he would lose a decision. He was right. Unfortunately Pryor just isn't that kind of puncher. Caparello improved his unbeaten record to 14-0-1. His opposition compared to what most face in their first 15 fights has been pretty solid.

Robert Berridge TKO2 Joel Casey

Joel Casey never really got started and just kept walking on to shots without properly working his jab. A series of hooks stunned Casey early in the 2nd and a pseudo hook / overhand left put him down. Although he got back up it seemed once he was hurt he could no longer defend himself. Casey's footwork was terrible and he didn't cover up well. The referee rightfully stepped in to stop it as Casey was battered into the ropes.

*Serge Yannick UD10 Nader Hamdan

In the co-main event of the evening Yannick picked up the vacant Australian super middleweight title and Hamdan, after putting forth a spirited effort, announced his retirement. As I haven't seen this with my own eyes that's all I can report.

2012-10-05 Grugliasco, Piemonte, Italy

Sportitalia2 televised. I caught the main event and one of the undercards.

Maurizio Lovaglio TKO2 Konstantin Semerdjiev

Although the aggressor, the hunchbacked Semerdjiev was largely ineffective and mostly just walked into counter shots as Lovaglio employed lateral movement to keep Semerdjiev from being able to get set. Lovaglio honestly appeared to be overly cautious and it frustrated Semerdjiev so much he sometimes just ran in head first without throwing a single punch. Midway through the 2nd Lovaglio, with his back to the ropes, spun off after landing a sneaky right hook that disoriented Semerdjiev enough for the referee to administer an 8 count. Lovaglio immediately jumped on his limited foe once action resumed and battered him into another corner. It didn't take long for Semerdjiev to voluntarily sit down and take another 8 count. While it appeared obvious that Semerdjiev was finished, the referee resumed action yet again and Semerdjiev shortly found himself taking another seat, this time on the bottom ropes. To my surprise instead of stopping the fight referee Remigio Ruggeri administered yet another 8 count, resumed action, and watched history quickly repeat itself before finally waving it off. Lovaglio celebrated the victory as if it was his 13th birthday. I suppose he was really looking forward to that vacant IBF Mediterranean cruiserweight title.

Daniele Limone PTS6 Pio Antonio Nettuno

Limone used his height, reach, and jab to win but also took chances from time to time in an effort to take the much shorter Nettuno out. For his troubles Limone actually got rocked more than Nettuno did, but earned the victory based on consistency.

2012-10-05 Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Lionheart Clothing, which sponsored the event, posted the main event on their YouTube channel.

Robert Tlatlik TKO2 Sabri Ulas Goecmen

Working the head and body Tlatlik wore Goecmen, aka Said Yalcin, down and dominated the fight from start to finish. Tlatlik knocked Yalcin's mouthpiece out in round 1 and just had him covering up for most of round 2. After claiming foul from what appeared to be a legit body shot, Yalcin was given time to recover but was only rewarded with even more punishment to the body once action resumed, and at a faster pace. A series of right hooks to the head would signal the end as Yalcin gave off the appearance that he genuinely wanted to quit. The ref waved it off while Yalcin was still on his feet.

2012-10-05 Cotxeres de Sants, Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain

Once again I'm unsure if this card was televised, but if it was aired on anything it was probably MarcaTV. I watched it on YouTube through above average camcorder recordings. Amateur bouts were also shown on this card, but I won't go over those.

Javier Garcia Roche KO1 David Pulido

Roche landed a cuffing left hook behind Pulido's head at the end of the 1st round to put him down for the count. Pulido tried to complain to the ref while he was down, but his protest was dismissed. Prior to the illegal blow, Roche landed a straight right hand to the body followed by a left hook to the body which may have done the real damage and kept Pulido from getting back up. Roche became the new WBC Mundo Hispano light middleweight champion with the case you care.

Sandor Martin UD6 Alejandro Heredia

In a battle of dueling southpaws Martin showed better reflexes, punching speed, and defensive skills. The taller Heredia was very uncomfortable working on the inside and was easily out hustled there. When not getting worked over on the inside, Heredia was often flat footed and followed the lateral moving Martin around with little success.

Juli Giner TKO2 Jose Antonio Elizabeth

After a flurry which had Antonio trapped against the ropes, a right hook put him down at the end of the 1st round. The shot caught him on the side of the head and threw off his equilibrium, evident when he stumbled and fell forward. The bell rang before Giner had an opportunity to follow up on his advantage. Giner was beating Antonio to the punch through most of the 1st round leading up to knockdown. Antonio tried to get off first in the 2nd round but his punches kept falling short and throwing him out of position. When Giner finally engaged he landed a 1-2 combination that briefly laid Antonio out on his back. Antonio got back up but only to take a beating until the referee finally waved it off as he was nearly pummeled through the ropes.

Rafael Pujol UD4 Vitaly Shivanov

Pujol appeared to win this fight mostly on superior athletic ability as I saw no difference in level of technical skills, which was respectable for both fighters. Pujol however was making his pro debut while Shivanov had lost 6 straight and was 5-17 overall. The experience gap was likely the reason the bout was competitive. Nonetheless the prospect won and the journeyman did what he was paid to do, lose.

If a bout is not mentioned which took place on one of the above cards it's most likely because I haven't got around to watching it yet. In the event that I do watch such a bout at a later time it's still unlikely I will update this recap. My recaps will be posted on Mondays and Wednesdays, devoted to cards that most casual American boxing fans haven't seen or heard of. For available footage of the previously reported bouts follow @sweetboxing on twitter. You may also email the author of this piece at

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