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WBC says Julio Cesar Chavez Jr 'marijuana drops' excuse may be enough to get suspension lifted

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.'s excuse for his positive test for marijuana following his September 15 loss to Sergio Martinez appears to be good enough for the WBC to lift their suspension. The sanctioning body said that he only needs to provide a "medical opinion" to support his claim for their suspension to be lifted.

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. tested positive for marijuana following his decision loss to Sergio Martinez on September 15. It was a strange moment that many chalked up to the continued discipline and focus issues that have plagued the son of Mexico's greatest boxing legend.

The usual nonsense that surrounds Chavez Jr. cropped up following the test, including Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer trying to establish reasons why a second failed test for Chavez Jr. shouldn't carry as stiff of a penalty as seen with Nick Diaz, because Diaz had tested positive for marijuana in Nevada twice while this was Julio's first time. Of course, you'd think that a previous failed test for a diuretic, which is more dangerous and serious than marijuana would kind of make those differences a little less important to Kizer, but alas.

But the more bizarre action was taken by the WBC, who suspended Chavez (a fighter they always seem to go out of their way for) pending a trip to rehab. Chavez has responded by saying that he didn't smoke pot, he just took doctor prescribed drops for insomnia that happened to have marijuana in them. So now, WBC Executive Secretary Maurico Sulaiman is saying the following (via BoxingScene):

"If Julio Jr. provides us with a medical opinion to support those words, that he tested positive because he swallowed a few drops for insomnia - the WBC will lift the suspension. I personally don't believe Julio Jr. is an addict. In fact, he was the one who led his father to rehab. We are always going to be in the boxer's corner, and we are concerned about Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. We offer him our hand of support so he can solve this problem,"

Now, maybe it's just me, but if you don't believe that he is an addict then why send him to rehab?

Avoiding the always tedious discussion over if someone can truly be a Reefer Madness style marijuana addict, Sulaiman is basically admitting that they didn't have any better idea (you know, like blaming Chavez for being an undisciplined, entitled dumbass). So, what the hell? Ship him to rehab to get him off the weeds and pots.

But, now that Chavez has come up with an excuse that they've decided is "good enough," they'll take care of their own suspension. You know, if the ultra famous Mexican star can "prove" that a "doctor" "prescribed" "marijuana drops" for "insomnia."

Of course, he's going to be suspend by the NSAC regardless (not that that would stop him from fighting in Mexico) and even with a prescription, the NSAC has stated that nothing was disclosed on the licensing forms for Chavez. So he didn't disclose a prescribed medication, which was banned, and then he tested positive. So he's going to get a suspension, it's just a matter of if they reduce it.

Based on history, you'd expect a full year suspension for a second failed test in the state. Kizer's statement sounded like he'd prefer something more along the lines of 9 months. Though, it should be noted, Kizer does not have a vote in the process.

Given some of the prior fawning nonsense from the NSAC board during hearings with other fighters (Alistair Overeem jumps to mind), I could see the production of a prescription for these drops motivating them to find another option somewhere in the 6-9 month range.

You know, provided we all get to learn that he's not "addicted" to pot and in need of a trip to rehab.

Oh, and he's also now claiming that "racist" referee Tony Weeks helped Martinez. Because when you say you're taking responsibility, you should always really mean it.

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