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Randall Bailey vs. Devon Alexander: Bailey tears into Cunningham over comments

Alexander's trainer Kevin Cunningham accused Bailey of not being injured, and Bailey has responded viciously.

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I don't know how good their fight will ultimately turn out to be, but the upcoming Randall Bailey - Devon Alexander bout's trash talk is at least intereting, if nothing else.

Alexander's trainer Kevin Cunningham had made claims that Bailey had to withdraw from his initial date with Alexander because he was unprepared, not because, as Bailey's camp had said, that it was due to a back injury, Now, Boxing Scene is reporting that Bailey has fired back with some kind words of his own aimed toward Cunningham and his current top boxer, Alexander.

Here's some of the main quotes from what Bailey had to say:

"Kevin Cunningham is crazy. He's not going to get hit and that's why he's been talking so much smack."

"I understand why he's so upset, though. Now, he has to wait a little longer to get his two checks for this fight as a manager and a trainer."

"All of his talking is going to end up an ass-whipping for his boy. Once the bell rings, it's just me and him, and I know what to do. He's been hurt by smaller guys than me. He's smaller than (Mike) Jones and everybody saw what I did to him."

In addition to Bailey, his manager, Si Stern, had some things to say about Cunningham as well:

"Cunningham has no basis for anything he's said about Randall. He's been shooting his mouth off a lot. Who is he to question Randall's trainer, two-time world champion John David Jackson, about what sparring partners he's brought in? Who has Cunningham ever trained other than Alexander and Cory Spinks?"

Both Bailey and Stern say a few more things in the article, but you can probably figure out the main points from this.

As I said at the top, this fight may ultimately turn out to not be much. I can totally (or toe-tally for any Dan Rafael fans out there) see this becoming a boring affair with Alexander moving constantly to avoid Bailey's big right hand which may be the single hardest punch in boxing. That's not hyperbole, for all of his limitations, the guy can whack. In short, I would predict Alexander probably wins a timid decision.

Nevertheless, the trash talk has been fun to hear. I'm sure Bailey is legitimately upset about what Cunningham has said, and he has every right to be. I must admit that even though I'm from Missouri, I'm kind of rooting for Bailey here. He's generally been a hard-luck guy, and I would love to see him get a huge win here. Let's just hope that the actual fight lives up to the talk between the two camps.

Also don't forget this fight has been added to the quadruple-header taking place at the Barclays Arena in Brooklyn, New York on October 20. Great card which we will have more on in the coming week.

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