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Donaire vs Nishioka: Keys to the Fight with Al Bernstein

Nonito Donaire faces Toshiaki Nishioka on HBO this Saturday night. Boxing analyst Al Bernstein breaks down the matchup for The Boxing Channel.

Al Berstein's Keys to Victory

Nonito Donaire

"For Donaire, keeping the right hand up is essential, because that is where he can block the straight left of Nishioka, a straight left to did in Jhonny Gonzalez in their fight. He's gotta double with the left hook. Even though that leaves him open in some cases for Nishioka to land that straight left, because he'll be dipping down to his left, he's gotta double with it, throwing it to the body and the head. And the right hand, which Jhonny Gonzalez used to knock down Nishioka, is a terrific punch for Donaire. He has power in both his left hook and his right hand, but the right I think may be his big power punch in this fight.

Toshiaki Nishioka

"For Nishioka, he's got to be busy. You have to make Nonito Donaire fight at a slightly higher pace than he likes to fight at -- if you just stay on the outside and let him potshot you, I'm not sure anyone in any weight class that he'll fight in can beat him that way. Move to his right -- he's gotta stay away from that straight right hand. It's not that the Donaire left hook isn't powerful. He used that to knock out Vic Darchinyan, another southpaw, when he fought him. But I think the right hand is especially a problem in this fight for Nishioka. And he's gotta land the straight left hand to the head of Donaire. It's a punch Donaire has been hit with, and if he can get that in, perhaps his power can do something to a fighter who is moving up in weight."

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