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Wladimir Klitschko: 'I'm expecting a tough, good fight from Mariusz Wach'

Wladimir Klitschko discusses his fight today with Mariusz Wach in this video piece.

"Mariusz Wach is something that you don't know what is in there, because he hasn't faced tough competition in the ring. Of course I'm the champion and I have to show the way, and the difference between champion and challenger. He can show the skills in the ring. How he's going to handle it, that's in his own hands.

"He has very good hand speed. He's not, like, a very slow guy. He moves tremendously good for his size. I'm expecting a tough, good fight. He can box. I'm expecting for Mariusz Wach to be better than he's ever been. And I'm expecting him to be faster than he's ever been.

"We can talk about it a lot, but you never will find out until we fight in person. So how's he going to handle the pressure? How's he going to handle the pressure from the fans? A lot of question marks will be answered on November 10."

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