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ShoBox photos and quotes: Gary Russell Jr, Olympians win on Friday night

Gary Russell Jr and the five debuting U.S. Olympians discuss their Friday night wins on ShoBox: The New Generation.

Steve Farhood, Showtime Sports

"What we saw at the end of the show confirmed what I said at the top of the telecast, which is that Russell's talent demands that he raises the level of his opposition, and does so now. That was certainly a candidate for Knockout of the Year.

"What impressed me most about the five Olympians was their commitment to body punches, which counts to next to nothing in the amateur game. That in itself showed that they are en route to developing as pros."

Gary Russell Jr

"I think by the end of 2013, after three or four more fights, I'll get my shot at the 126-pound title. People don't think of me as a hard hitter but I was known as a power puncher in the amateurs. I had a hand injury early in my pro career, but I'm 100 percent healthy now."

"Tonight, I felt I was in total control the whole time. Even when he got me against the ropes it was because I allowed him to. I wanted to see what kind of power he had. The entire time I was looking to set him up for the right hand. I got it home clean and that was the fight.

"I feel blessed to have been able to headline a card with the Olympians. They were all asking me a lot of questions beforehand like ‘what should I expect,' stuff like that. I kept telling them the same thing: just trust your pedigree. Your pedigree with get you through."

Terrell Gausha

"They kept telling me to work behind the jab, go to the body and not to get too anxious,'' he said after his fight was stopped at 1:55 of the round. "I felt I was hurting Caplinger with almost every punch, especially the right hand.

"I feel great and think I did well. I got the job done and now I'm ready to do this again. There will be no breaks for me. I want to fight again as soon as possible."

Errol Spence

"I felt really great in there. The guy was tough, but I knew that if I took my time I'd eventually get him. When I started landing those uppercuts I knew I was hurting him, but he took them well at first and then I couldn't tell for sure if he was really hurt, or tired, or just playing possum.

"So I just played it smart, kept my cool and set him up. I'll be ready to go again in three weeks."

Marcus Browne

"This was a great win for me and the perfect birthday present. I got some good rounds in. The plan was to take my time and consistently work the body so I could get him in position to get him out of there with the right hand.

"This win is for the people in Staten Island and the people in New York and on the East Coast. I hope everybody across the country prays for all those who lost everything in Hurricane Sandy.''

Dominic Breazeale

"Everybody got a little excited in there for a second. Actually, I was surprised he got up the first time, but I was pleased to knock him down again.

"I hope my next nine or 10 fights are like this. I didn't even get hit, but I know I have a long, long way to go, so you can bet I'll be right back in the gym. It's going to take a lot of hard work and preparation to get to where I want to be. Heck, I might go running tonight just to burn off some energy."

Rau'Shee Warren

"The knockdown wasn't really a knockdown. I slipped. He never really hit me. I was told between rounds to try and walk him down, which is what I did, but I was so anxious and wound up so hard that when I missed with the hook I lost my balance and my gloves touched the canvas. On the way down, he tapped my shoulder. I said something to the ref like, ‘for real?' and he continued to count.

"Aside from that, I thought I won easily. I hit him with everything, but I was too, too overanxious. I'll slow things down the next time for sure. I really hope they bring me back on Showtime."

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