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Adrien Broner on Antonio DeMarco fight: 'I wanted to come up in weight and fight the number one guy'

Adrien Broner talks about his attitude ahead of his HBO boxing fight with Antonio DeMarco and why he thinks DeMarco is a great opponent.

Luis Sandoval of BoxingScene was able to catch up with Adrien Broner to discuss his bout this Saturday with Antonio DeMarco on HBO. Here are some quotes from the video.

On why he wanted DeMarco

I mean..think about it. I'm coming up in weight. I don't want to come in weight...I know I can come up in weight and fight anybody. I want to come up in weight and fight the number one guy and the number one guy is DeMarco. It doesn't matter who it was, that's who I would be fighting. I just want to fight the best out there.

How impressed was Broner with DeMarco after the Molina fight? What does he do in the ring that Broner has to be worried about?

Like I always said. DeMarco is a very good fighter, world class fighter, top notch fighter. That's why he is champion. He wouldn't be champion if he wasn't. What he did with Molina...I didn't really get to see it, I was signing autographs and taking pictures with my fans. But...but that's good. Now that only make this fight much bigger. I'm ready.

Why has he been more quiet ahead of this bout?

I'm gonna be me regardless. This is a fight...every fight is serious. Every fight is serious. But DeMarco, he's not a guy who..who's gonna trash talk. He's about business and that's what I like about him. That's how I know he's going to come to fight, he's going to be prepared. So, you know, I'm well prepared. I train so hard every fight. This is definitely one of my biggest fights ever. From here on out it's only going to get bigger. I'm not going to do much talking. He's a nice guy, if I talk too much I' gonna look like the bully.

But anyone still can get it. AfriCANs, AmeriCANs, MexiCANs. Anybody still can get it, and he's going to get it.

Does he need to be impressive to get everyone's attention?

I'm going to do what I have to do to get the victory. You can't fight every fight the same. Once I get inside the ring and make my adjustments we'll go after that.

On comparisons to Floyd Mayweather:

It's definitely a compliment. He's a big brother to me. I've learned a lot from him, great guy, his work ethic is crazy. I even met him, he's a great guy. He's a good guy. That's my guy, he root for me and I root for him.

What are we going to see Saturday night?

A special kid, living his dream, having fun.

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