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Broner vs DeMarco, Mitchell vs Banks: Quotes from Saturday night's HBO fighters

Adrien Broner says no one can beat him, and Antonio DeMarco says he has the solution for 'The Problem' tomorrow night.

Ezra Shaw

ANTONIO DEMARCO, WBC Lightweight World Champion

"It's an important fight for my career.

"My fight with Edwin Valero will help me get in the ring with more confidence.

"I know it's a difficult fight for both of us. Because of his talent and my heart and hunger, it's going to be a great fight for the fans.

"Broner is very elusive and he's an intelligent fighter, but we came prepared for that and more.

"A very difficult fight in my past that I can compare to this one is my fight with Kid Diamond [Almazbek Raiymkulov]. He also was elusive, but I won that fight by knockout and got a lot of exposure with the victory.

[On whether or not his weight gives him at an advantage.] "It's a little bit of an advantage for me because I'm the world champion and I've been fighting at this weight a little bit longer, but I'm ready to go and if he wanted to fight at welterweight then I'd fight him there as well. It's not a problem either way.

"It's amazing what has happened in my personal life and my professional career. Every day I feel better and now I believe I can become anything I want to if I believe in myself. I wake up every morning and know I'm a world champion and that brings me great comfort.

"Every fight is different and we don't know until we get in the ring, but don't be surprised if you see me box.

"I'm well prepared and my mind is on winning. I have 'The Solution' for 'The Problem.'

"Because my family is so important to me, I'm very hungry. I always fight for the people of Mexico, my team, my fans and especially my family."


[On visiting the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City on Wednesday.] "It's very important to have an affect on kids. I'll do anything to make a kid's day better.

"As my career is going on, I'm starting to become a lot more of a busy man.

"Once someone sees me on TV, they always think that 'he is just a cocky brat,' but I'm not. Once you get to sit down with Adrien Broner, you will fall in love with me. I don't want the world to dislike me in any way. I just want you accept me.

"You can probably catch me in my sleep and I'm dancing or throwing a hook. That is just me.

"I'm not looking past anybody. I just feel like there is nobody in this game that can beat me.

"You never know how you are going to win, but I know I'm going to be victorious.

"I'm mentally strong and physically strong. I'm just a special guy and I understand that you have people that know they have the talent, but sometimes they get scared when success is in their face. I'm ready to go to the next level.

"DeMarco is a great champion. He's a world-class fighter. He has the talent to bring something out of Adrien Broner that the world hasn't seen yet.

[On traveling to California to watch the 2012 U.S. Olympians turn pro this past weekend.] "Rau'shee Warren is my big brother. I knew how much it meant to him. I know how much it meant to me. I would have felt bad if I had to watch him on TV. I was in the gym two or three times a day out there. It doesn't matter where I am. As long as I have a pair of boxing gloves, a pair of boxing shoes and a cup, I'll give 120 percent. I'm always focused.

"Once that bell rings, I make my adjustments and usually with a couple of adjustments the fight is over.


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"I think having a strong jab is critical in any fight. I've been varying my jab since my last fight. I am trying to bring it from different angles.

[On a recent injury keeping him out of the ring.] "Ever since starting in this sport, I've always been in the gym. I just want to stay in shape and stay sharp. I'm used to fighting three or four times a year. This is the second time this year so it was very important to stay in the gym.

"When I look back, I wish I would have had a relationship with my father. Through football and basketball, I had a lot of father figures in my life. I had a lot of role models that helped and guided me. Looking back knowing the relationship I have with my son and how I cherish that, I do wish I would have had a relationship with my father.

[On being a stay-at-home dad] "I get up in the morning and I fix breakfast. I take the kids to school. I run, go to the gym and then I pick them up from school. My wife works, so we are a team.

[On visiting the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City] "Once you're put in a certain position, I think it's good to give back. Nobody has made it without somebody. No matter how successful an individual becomes, he or she didn't get there by themselves. When I speak to kids, I know nine times out of 10 I'm not going to reach 100 percent of them, but if I can inspire one or two, then it's worth it.

"I'm a competitive person by nature. If we were playing tic-tac-toe, you would see that same aggressiveness. My wife gets mad at me because I don't let my six year old daughter win at anything.

"I believe including this fight, Lord willing, I do what I'm supposed to do, I believe I'm two or three more fights away from a title shot. I don't think I'm that far away at all.

[On Washington Redskins rookie Robert Griffin III] "I think RGIII is special. The reason I think so highly of him is that he's a tremendous athlete and he thinks about the pass first. He's very humble which is another characteristic I admire about him. I think in the next few years, the Redskins are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

"It feels good to be here in Atlantic City. This is like a home away from home. I love fighting in my hometown and in Vegas too, but I had like five or six busloads of people drive in from Maryland for my last fight here. You're going to hear a lot of people screaming for me Saturday night."


[On stepping in to serve as trainer for Heavyweight World Champion Wladimir Klitschko this past weekend.] "The only thing I had to do was be his trainer. It didn't affect me in a bad way. If anything, it motivated me in a way that I've never been motivated before.

"Training him was not an advantage or disadvantage, but it enhanced something inside of me. My family has even noticed it. My mother said 'There is something different about you. Something I haven't seen before.'

"This is my time. Whatever happens, let it happen.

"Do you think last November I thought I would be here talking to you all this November? If you don't see something in your future, you don't think about it, but the position I'm has been wonderful.

"I started working with Wladimir Klitschko in 2004. When I met him I was 1-0. I just turned pro and we were training in California. Wladimir and I clicked right away.

"Emanuel [Steward] turned me pro. I was on his amateur team. Once I turned pro, I traveled with him wherever he went.

"James Toney called Emanuel and said that he wanted a 'real Detroit guy' on one of his undercards. He put me on his undercard and that was my second fight.

[On his experience being a sparring partner.] "You can't say 'I am just a sparring partner.' I sparred guys when I was coming up in this sport and I sparred guys as a grown man. Mentally, I was never a sparring partner, so there is nothing to put aside. I am always looking to learn.

"I am expecting a really, really tough fight. I expect him to be as aggressive as he always is and I expect him to be as aggressive as he can be. It's going to be a spectacle."

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