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Juan Manuel Lopez vs Wilfredo Vazquez Jr off the table, camps can't agree on weight

Juan Manuel Lopez and Wilfredo Vazquez Jr can't agree on a weight, so their proposed January 19 fight in New York is off the table.

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Though there is plenty of interest in a bout between Puerto Rican stars Juan Manuel Lopez and Wilfredo Vazquez Jr, who have a long-running media feud going, that fight won't be happening in January, when HBO wanted to stage the bout on a show in New York, which will also feature Orlando Salido vs Mikey Garcia and Gennady Golovkin's return.

Vazquez Jr, who fights at 122 pounds, says he won't go over 126 to face Lopez. And Lopez, who most recently has fought at 126, is planning a move to 130, and says he won't fight Vazquez under 128 pounds.

So as expected, really, the fight isn't going to happen. It's a shame, since it's a good fight, but I don't think this is really all that big of a deal. Right now, the weights for the two fighters just don't match up. Lopez probably should be moving to 130, and Vazquez probably shouldn't go higher than 126.

Eventually, it's a fight that will happen. It's too notable for both of them to not eventually be made, and it could be sometime next year, or in 2014, or whatever. But it's not going to be in January.

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