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Brian Viloria vs Tyson Marquez: Picks and predictions from the BLH staff

Brian Viloria and Tyson Marquez meet tomorrow night to find out the true best flyweight in the world today. Can the 'Hawaiian Punch' keep his hot streak alive, or will the Mexican southpaw be too much for him?


Ryan Bivins

I'm going with the upset special here. Viloria had a great 2011 but he's just about due for another loss. I expect Viliora to be ahead on the cards through at least most of the fight but I also expect him to wear down and eventually fold under Marquez's power and pressure. Viloria has a clear and obvious technical skills advantages going into this bout but I believe Robert Garcia's work with Marquez will have tightened Marquez's defenses so cuts or swelling don't undermine his chances of taking the fight over late. Best case scenario for fans and Marquez is that the fight plays out similar to Meldrick Taylor vs Julio Cesar Chavez. Marquez will play Chavez. But he'll have to do a little better than Chavez did because I doubt Richard Steele will be there to save the day. Marquez TKO-11.

Brent Brookhouse

Marquez is an absolute blast to watch. Viloria probably should win with his technical edge, advanced experience and solid power. But there's something about Marquez that just feels like he has that "x-factor" where he can gut out a real sonofabitch of a fight so I'll ride with my gut and take Marquez in an extremely competitive fight.

Scott Christ

This is a tremendous fight on paper, one that really is as good as it gets in the flyweight division, and a great reason to thank WealthTV for their new interest in the sport of boxing. Without them, this fight might have made it to Azteca America, or been put on Integrated Sports PPV, but as it is, you get a great option for a whopping $1 subscription fee online, or on your Roku, or whatever. The network has made small steps, and this is a great pickup. I hope these type of fights are what they target going forward whenever they're available.

Anyway, I really think this is 50-50. Viloria has had some letdown performances in his career -- most notably against Omar Nino and Carlos Tamara, two very not special fighters -- but he could fight the best fight of his career, really, and still lose this one. It should be extremely entertaining if all breaks right and could be the fight of the weekend with room to spare. I almost literally flipped a coin to pick this one, but I'll go with my gut and Viloria to send Marquez off to the super flyweight division, and keep his hot streak alive. Viloria by decision.

Tom Craze

Of all this week's fights, this is, by far, the most closely matched. I've made a pick, but any outcome, by any method, really wouldn't surprise me.

What does seem sure, though, is that this will give us a war for however long it lasts. Viloria's transformation into this can't miss, all-action guy beating all comers has been fun to watch, but it's been a long time since he's fought a southpaw, and none of them will have ever thrown the type of shots that Marquez will here. How he adapts is key to this fight.

Viloria, though, is the more rounded, the more seasoned, the fighter with the real momentum of the two, whereas Marquez has just stuttered a little of late. I don't think Viloria gets through this without a scare along the way - but I think he just about gets through it. Viloria UD.

Kory Kitchen

This fight could really be great. Not a major fight in the States, but a whole lot of fun for us nevertheless. I'm actually a not sure about who to pick here, but I'm going to go ahead with Marquez. Probably picking more with my heart here, but I feel Viloria is going to be broken down. It will be fun while it lasts, but I like Marquez to win on late stoppage. Marquez via late TKO.

Final Tally: Tyson Marquez 3, Brian Viloria 2.

Bad Left Hook will have live round-by-round coverage of Viloria vs Marquez tomorrow night.

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