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Broner vs DeMarco results: Adrien Broner stops Antonio DeMarco in eight, wins WBC title

Adrien Broner confirmed his star status with a dominant win over Antonio DeMarco tonight in Atlantic City, winning the WBC lightweight title.

Tom Hogan - Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions

Adrien Broner didn't leave any open questions tonight. The fights with Daniel Ponce De Leon and Fernando Quintero are in the past. Tonight, he stopped Antonio DeMarco in the eighth round of a dominant performance, winning the WBC lightweight title and confirming that in his case, the hype has become reality: This is a star fighter, and a remarkable talent.

Broner (25-0, 21 KO) started tentative, as did DeMarco (28-3-1, 21 KO), but in the third round, when DeMarco turned up the heat, Broner was there to meet him. It became an inside slugfest, and Broner was able to take advantage there, popping DeMarco's head around constantly with straight rights and left hooks, gradually working in more body shots, and ultimately breaking DeMarco down to the point his corner stopped the fight in the eighth when he finally went down, beaten up and exhausted.

DeMarco showed what he's made of, mentally and physically, but Broner was just a different class of fighter. At times, it resembled Mayweather-Gatti from the same venue in 2005. Broner was simply much, much better than DeMarco, a gutsy, tough fighter, and a good one, to boot, just like Gatti was. And though Mayweather/Broner comparisons get out of hand sometimes, Adrien was definitely the Floyd in this fight.

I don't know if there's much more Adrien Broner can do to prove his ability. Tonight should be the final word on the rise. Sure, he's going to have tougher nights eventually, maybe even lose fights. But he's the real deal. He went up to 135 pounds and took out arguably the No. 1 man in the division, and he did it with style.

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