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Broner vs DeMarco press conference: Antonio DeMarco, Seth Mitchell, Johnathon Banks, and Phil Lo Greco

Antonio DeMarco, Seth Mitchell, Johnathon Banks, and Phil Lo Greco discuss their performances last night in Atlantic City.

Antonio DeMarco

"As we know how to win, we know how to lose, and that's why I'm here. I want to be in front of you to congratulate Broner. He's a great fighter, and tonight was his night. This doesn't end here. I want to show my daughter that dreams can come true. I want to thank the people that have supported me. I want to thank my team, my promoter Gary Shaw. This was a great experience in boxing for me. I'm a very brave guy and I'll come back with more hunger, I promise to you. For my family, for my daughter, and my baby. I want to give them a good example. God bless you all, and thank you."

"Without a doubt, Broner is a very complete fighter and I'm glad to have fought him. I like big challenges and I think Broner is a super fighter. Congratulations to him."

"Only inside the ring do we know what happens, and Broner is a very elusive fighter. I fell into his game, and his fight."

Seth Mitchell

"I want to congratulate Johnathon Banks for a stellar performance. He did what he was supposed to do. ... We had a hell of a training camp. Pretty much everything that Johnathon Banks did tonight, I saw it in training camp. One thing we definitely worked on was me not reaching, because he's a counter puncher. He set the traps. In the first round, I felt that I won. I felt that I touched him and he definitely felt my power. I saw that my aggression was getting to him, and I got a little reckless in the second round. He capitalized on my reaching and countered, and did what he was supposed to do.

"Mentally, I'm fine. Of course I'm disappointed, because I didn't have the outcome that i wanted to have. But physically, I'm great. I want to just get back to the drawing board, enjoy the rest of this month. But I want to thank Johnathon Banks. You did a hell of a job, man, and you got the belt. I definitely wanted that belt, but you did what you were supposed to do tonight. I just wish you continued success, man."

"I thought I did a good job in the first round using my jab. At times I got a little wild, but at the end of the first round, I thought that my pressure, and some of the shots I hit him with, he definitely felt. I felt that if the fight went about five or six rounds, he would start to wilt from the pressure. But with that being said, after the first round, I got a little reckless because I saw how effective I was in the first round, and I might have rushed a little bit, and just got wild with my shots. That was one thing we worked on religiously not doing, not reaching on him because he's a counter puncher and he can catch you with those shots. He capitalized on it, and he finished the job. Kudos to him."

Johnathon Banks

"I want to thank Seth Mitchell and his whole team, because the fight was postponed so many times, they could have changed opponents. They didn't have to take this fight. I especially want to thank the whole team for their attitude, because a lot of time you do not find first-class guys in boxing. I really appreciate that.

"As far as the fight, I knew it was going to be a tough fight. I knew Seth is a guy that wants to win, and he's -- take nothing away from the guy. Heart, determination, everything. He definitely brought it to the table. He wanted to win. Basically my whole game plan was for speed. I wasn't thinking about power. No one really thought I had the power for heavyweight, but I just wanted to train as hard as I can and continue to get the speed in there, because I felt if I was fast enough, I could pretty much do what I wanted to do.

"Once again, the fight was a good fight. I take my hat off to Seth Mitchell as a fighter. Very strong guy. I have no doubt in my mind that he's going to come back stronger, and punching a little bit harder. Because this is a learning experience. It's not about who gets knocked down, it's about how you get back up. And I really believe, just knowing Seth Mitchell these couple days, that he's going to get back up. He's not going to have any problem coming back to the ring and once again starting a winning streak."

"I thought Seth Mitchell's jab was really good. It was better than it ever has been. I didn't have a problem with it, because I kind of expected him to start jabbing. I just didn't know, will he start with the jab or will he start with power? I trained for the pressure. I take my hat off to him, because he did so much -- he did everything right, as far as I'm concerned. He came forward, he started working behind his jab. And that's what made the fight really difficult. Because you already have a big, strong guy in front of you that can punch, everyone sees that. Then he starts working behind his jab.

"So he made it difficult, and I had to hurry up and switch up certain things, that I initially wanted to do, but I didn't do at first because of how he came at me. That's the one thing that in boxing, you can't guarantee how your opponent is going to come at you. You can only assume and prepare for what you assume. One thing Seth said when we were on a conference call that I definitely agree with is having more than one game plan, because you don't know what's going to happen the night of the fight. Once I saw him coming toward me, working behind his jab, I said, OK, now I gotta switch up and do something else."

"I didn't think I had him until Eddie Cotton waved it off. I think the worst thing you can do is assume you've got a guy, such a big puncher like Seth. You can't assume you have him, because it's not over until the referee waves it off. At any given time, as I'm going for him, he could have caught me with the same shot. I could have been in just as much or worse trouble. I wasn't overconfident. I didn't punch myself out, I didn't try to overdo nothing. I wanted each shot to land because I knew if it landed, it would count. That's basically what was going through my head. I kept in my mind, this guy's a big puncher. You cannot, like, take advantage of anything. You can't relax. At one point, I was going for a right hand, he was coming across with a left hook. If I would have fell asleep on it, then I could have been in the same situation."

Phil Lo Greco

"What happened tonight, I got caught early. Obviously I underestimated my opponent, not thinking he was going to hurt me. So I was vulnerable, I was too relaxed. But because I was in such good shape, I was not worried about anything, and I just wanted to get the job done and worry about the next fight. I'm ready for the next step. Whenever Golden Boy wants to present me an opportunity, I'm there to take it. I have a big goal. Italian fighters are no longer around like in the 50s and 60s. My name has to be on that list when it's all said and done. I'll do everything within my power to give fans the fights that they want to see, but most importantly I want to do it for myself. I've set a big goal and it has to be accomplished. I don't want to sound cocky or overconfident, but there was LaMotta, there was Gatti, and there's gotta be Lo Greco on that list."

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