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Adrien Broner: 'I'm an elite fighter who can make a great fighter look like an amateur'

Adrien Broner discusses his win last night over Antonio DeMarco, his standing in the sport, possible future opponents, and his belief that he's the future of professional boxing.

Oscar De La Hoya

"I'm sure a lot of fighters are going to think twice in fighting Adrien Broner. And a lot of fighters are going to want to jump at the opportunity so they can be the first guy to beat Adrien Broner. He's in the perfect position right now. I'm sure a lot of fighters who are competitive, because that's in our nature, are thinking, 'I can be the first guy to beat him.' They're going to want to fight him. But a lot of guys are going to want to avoid him. A lot of guys are going to want to go back to 130, maybe, or go back up to 140. It's sometimes a chess game, but with Broner we can count on him to fight anybody. Because he wants to be great, and that's special coming from a fighter."

Adrien Broner

"What can I say after a performance like that? That I'm good. Nah, I can't even say that. That I'm great? Nah, I can't even say that. I'm elite. And like I said coming into this fight, I'm an elite fighter who can make a good, great fighter look like an amateur, and I think that's what I did today. I came into the fight, smiling, dancing, and I smiled, danced and cried my way out. True champion.

"Training camp went well. We had tremendous work, real good work. Solid sparring partners. I busted my ass every day. You know, I came into the fight looking for a war, because I know DeMarco's a warrior. And he definitely -- well, he tried, you know. I mean, but, 'The Problem' stands. 25-0. 21 knockouts. Two-time world champion. 23 years old. They say before you make something happen, you gotta see it yourself, and I been seeing it, I dreamed of it, and now I'm living my dream. I just want to thank everybody who supported me. This is not the last, this has just begun: The Adrien Broner, Mr. HBO show."

"I think the first punch I threw, I landed, it was a hook. He actually took the shot well. He came to fight. But at the end of the day, there's not too many guys who are going to stand shots from Adrien Broner."

"There's just something about a fighter. You'd have to be a fighter to understand. It's a feeling you get. You can feel when it's time to walk somebody down or time to keep boxing. I felt like it was just time to walk him down, and in a matter of time, he was going to stop."

"Coming off a win like that, usually a fighter will sit back and sit in the cut like a Band-Aid, but I'm back in the gym on Monday. There's some big fights coming up. A lot of guys want to fight me. Well, they say they want to fight me. We've got Ricky Burns out there. You've got Marquez, who's about to fight Pacquiao. He still can make lightweight. So we're gonna see. We're gonna go back to the drawing board with Al Haymon and Golden Boy Promotions and see what we come up with."

"Burns will get burned. ... We've got time on our hands, as you can see. We've got a lot of time on our hands. ... Listen, you're making it like any weight division I go to, they're gonna say the same thing. 'Well, you know, there's not good fighters here.' No, I just make them look that way. They're great fighters. I just beat a world champion. He was the best at the weight class, my first fight at lightweight. So how you can say there's not good fighters out there? There's a lot of good fighters out there, and there's more champions out there. So we're going to sit here and see what comes to the table. We're not in a rush. 23 years old."

"I don't think I looked too good. I think I looked ten good."

"We're going back to Cincinnati, for sure."

"I'm not human. ... Honestly, I've got the God-given talent, and I put in the type of work that you don't see an ordinary guy put in. Everybody only sees me on TV, they don't see the gym work. ... I am the new era of boxing. I will take over boxing. Of course you have Floyd Maywaether and Pacquiao still out there, but after that fight, who do you have? Oh yeah, that one guy, Adrien 'The Problem' Broner."

"Five letters. M-o-n-e-y. A lot of it."

"I'm Adrien 'The Problem' Broner, man. It's a great compliment, but all of those guys, they've got their own legacy. No disrespect to Victor Ortiz, but I don't ride nobody's waves. I don't surf. With that being said, I do what I do, what Adrien 'The Problem' Broner does. Bernard did his thing, he's amazing, and he still can do some amazing things. Oscar did his thing, Floyd did his thing, and Sugar Ray Leonard did his own thing. I'm building my own legacy."

"It really doesn't matter. Anybody can get it. I don't lose. I don't even like losing weight."

"Come on, man. It might be my next fight. I know the views just went crazy. I belong on pay-per-view. Ever since I stepped into the game, I feel like Benjamin Franklin. I got a pay-per-view. You feel me? It is what it is. It's the Adrien Broner show, Mr. HBO, Mr. Fresh, Fly and Flashy as always. We're just getting started."

"Think about it. Think about it. It's kind of a question that you reporters throw out to try and flip around, but I'm going to tell you the truth about it. Andre Ward is an amazing, talented fighter. Canelo Alvarez is a good fighter. But at the end of the day, I'm Adrien 'The Problem' Broner. Everybody don't have everything. I've got everything. Exciting. I can make anybody laugh. I make anybody mad at the same time, and then make 'em laugh again. I'm me. I'm me. And there's only one of me. I got a twin, though."

"I have fun. I did what I wanted to do. I don't plan nothing, so everything you see me do is so spontaneous. I was going up against a high-level, class fighter. It wasn't time to play. It was time to go get this money."

On Emanuel Steward: "He was a great fighter. He was a great trainer and a great fighter. You've got to pay homage. When somebody like that leaves the sport... He was like an icon. I always wanted him to call one of my fights, and then my first time stepping up to Championship Boxing, he's not here. I had to support."

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