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Cotto vs Trout All Access video: Full first episode

Miguel Cotto faces Austin Trout on December 1 at Madison Square Garden. Showtime's cameras go behind the scenes for the first episode of All Access, covering the junior middleweight title bout.

Showtime's All Access is back, with the cameras going behind the scenes to cover the December 1 fight between Miguel Cotto and Austin Trout, for Trout's WBA junior middleweight title at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Cotto (37-3, 30 KO) is the known commodity to the larger boxing public, but if you don't know much about Trout (25-0, 14 KO), this is a nice little introduction. A humble, likable fighter out of New Mexico, Trout has fought his way here by winning his title on the road in Mexico, and then defending it there before finally getting some decent U.S. TV exposure with Showtime fights against Frank LoPorto and Delvin Rodriguez.

Taller, bigger, younger, and fresher than Cotto, the 27-year-old southpaw from Las Cruces just might be a much stiffer test than many expect for the Puerto Rican superstar, but Cotto will have home field advantage, and has been on bigger stages than this one numerous times. This is Trout's first fight on this big-time level, really, and it remains to be seen how he handles the spotlight, as well as a fighter as skilled and crafty as Miguel Cotto.

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