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Marco Huck says he's ready for either Klitschko brother

Cruiserweight titlist Marco Huck claims that he's ready to move up to heavyweight and take on Wladimir or Vitali Klitschko.

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WBO cruiserweight champ Marco Huck says that he's ready to make the big move to heavyweight and take on either Wladimir or Vitali Klitschko. Huck is currently set to defend his belt against Firat Arslan tomorrow in Germany.

But Huck and his promoters at Sauerland Event probably aren't likely to get the fights, since there are conflicting TV deals and other concerns. The 27-year-old Serbian-born brawler has not been shy about calling out the brothers in the past, and recently said that while Vitali is a "real man," Wladimir has lost his big fights and never faced top competitors again.

Maybe if this were 2005, he'd have a point there, but it isn't, so he doesn't, really. It's just trash talk. As for the TV issue, Huck says that it's "simple": He could fight one brother on RTL, their channel in Germany, and the other on ARD, the Sauerland channel in Germany.

Unfortunately, that's nowhere near "simple." RTL just shelled out €15 million for five Klitschko fights.

Sauerland has also released a press statement saying they offered €5 million to Wladimir to face Huck, but the offer was declined. They also say they're open to further negotiation, but if they're even kind of serious about this, the facts are actually simple: The Klitschkos will call the shots. Periods.

Huck has fought at heavyweight before, giving Alexander Povetkin all he could handle and arguably then some this past February. If Huck wins as expected tomorrow against Arslan, I wouldn't really have any objections to him facing either brother. It beats some of their recent outings; Huck is aggressive and in his prime, and though he's comparatively quite small, so are a lot of guys. But the way they're putting this out into the press now isn't going to get anything done.

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