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Video & Quotes: Yusaf Mack media day

Leading up to his November 17th meeting with Carl Froch for the IBF super middleweight title, Yusaf Mack took time out of his schedule to greet fans and media on Nov. 2nd at his home gym, the James Shuler Memorial Gym.

Yusaf Mack sporting his USBA light heavyweight title
Yusaf Mack sporting his USBA light heavyweight title
Media Day Release

Located at 750 N. Brooklyn St, Shuler's gym and surrounding environment has had an important impact on the West Philadelphia community. The media day began paying tribute to that role and current projects underway to make the community even better.

-James Shuler Memorial Park announcements from gym owner/trainer Buster Custus, Philadelphia City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, construction manager Sam Sabatino, among others

-Yusaf Mack shadow boxing

-Yusaf Mack on the speed bag

-Interview discussing the move back to down Super Middleweight, passing on Nathan Cleverly for Carl Froch, weight struggles (or lack thereof), losses to Librado Andrade and Glen Johnson, and potential future matchups with Lucian Bute and Andre Ward

Some Media Day Quotes (not shown in videos above):

Mack: "I'm willing to die come November 17th...I'm leaving it all in the ring that night."

Mack: "Whatever I've got to do come November 17th, I'm doing it."

Mack: "I've been here before. I've been here a few times. I've just never kicked the door open. Now I'm here; I'm in shape. Everybody see me trainin' every day. I box no less than 13 rounds. I'm ready. Let's have it. Carl Froch, Cobra, whatever he's called, Garden Snake Froch, it's on."

Mack: "Everybody know, if I'm in shape...can't nobody beat me. Everybody know that. Every fight I lost, I was beaten, I just gassed out. What they gonna do when I don't gas out?"


Full story on Yusaf Mack including additional media day information and much more comes out fight week, written by yours truly.

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