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Mikkel Kessler: 'I beat Carl Froch once, and I will beat him again'

Mikkel Kessler says that a rematch with Carl Froch would be great for both fighters, and he's confident he would beat the British star a second time.

John Gichigi

Danish super middleweight star Mikkel Kessler has heard all about Carl Froch's calls for a rematch sometime in 2013, and via a Sauerland Event press release, he had this to say:

"Don´t you worry, Carl," Kessler said. "I beat you once and I will beat you again. Enjoy your belt while you have it. And let me take care of business against Brian Magee first. Of course I am ready to fight you again, any time, any place, especially if Andre Ward is too scared to leave his backyard."

Kessler, who has great respect for Froch, congratulated the Nottingham fighter on his successful IBF Title defence against Yusaf Mack. "That was a good win for you, congratulations," he stated. "Keep it up and I am sure we will meet again."

Kessler (45-2, 34 KO) beat Froch (30-2, 22 KO) in a highly competitive, very entertaining, and very close fight in April 2010, winning a decision in Herning, Denmark. Froch has always said that if the fight had been in England, he would have gotten the nod, and it's hard to disagree. Though Kessler won one card 9-3 (117-111), that was quite wide, and the fight was really a toss-up. Either man could have won that night.

It's a really good fight, if it can be made. Kessler and Sauerland probably would want it in Denmark again, and could point to the fact that he won the first fight, so he should call the shots on location. Both fighters have dedicated fan bases at home, and draw good crowds. And, if Kessler beats Brian Magee on December 8 as it's expected that he will (not that Magee is a pushover), they will both have world titles.

It will depend, I'm guessing, on how far both of them are willing to compromise to make a fight, if it's going to happen at all. Both will likely be reluctant to be the away fighter, and there's no particularly great neutral ground where they could meet. But on paper, if things hold as they are, it's a terrific fight again, and one we should hope to see.

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