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Cotto vs Trout: Showtime music video, 'Our House' by Slaughterhouse feat. Skylar Grey

Miguel Cotto faces Austin Trout on December 1 at Madison Square Garden. Here's the latest Showtime video feature for the fight, with Slaughterhouse (feat. Skylar Grey) performing "Our House."

Here's the latest Showtime promo piece for the December 1 fight between Miguel Cotto and Austin Trout, which takes place at Madison Square Garden in New York City, more or less Miguel Cotto's home arena.

One thing I can say here is that I hope the lady who grabs Miguel's butt in the gym is his wife. Not because I'm all crazy about the sanctity of marriage or any of that, or because I care if Miguel Cotto or anyone else is getting some strange on the side, but just for Miguel's sake. His wife doesn't seem the type of lady who would be messing around with such nonsense. She's not going to break down in tears about it. That's three slashed tires and a brick through your windshield and all your favorite shirts cut up and thrown in mud and put on the other broad's car, where she spray paints "WHORE" on the back window.

I mean, I'm just saying.

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