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Berto vs Guerrero: Robert Guerrero at 152 seven days before fight

Robert Guerrero weighed in at 152 pounds with seven days to go before fighting Andre Berto. Therefore, the former featherweight titlist has six days to drop five pounds.

Gene Blevins-Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions

WBC interim title holder Robert Guerrero weighed in at 152 pounds this past Saturday, one week before his fight with Andre Berto. The weigh-in was part of the WBC rules which has fighters weigh-in at 30 days before their fight and again at seven days before.

There was no 30-day weigh-in. "I received the information of this bout much too late to be able to inform them and/or arrange a 30-day weigh-in," WBC official Wiliam Boodhoo told Boxing Scene. Indeed, this fight did come together very quickly, without a ton of notice. Regardless, neither man is a big welterweight, so that should be a total non-issue. The rule for the 30-day weigh-in is to be within ten percent of the weigth limit the man is trying to make (example: 147 limit requires being within 14.7 pounds at the 30-day). The maximum they could be for the seven-day weigh-in is 154, or five percent of the weight limit.

Losing five pounds in six days should be nothing for the lanky Guerrero. He could probably still fight comfortably at 140 if he wanted to. The main reason why he is up at 147 is the simple fact that it houses big stars, namely Floyd Mayweather, whom Guerrero has openly called out frequently. A win over Berto could make Guerrero a candidate to face Mayweather in the spring or fall next year.

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