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Hector Camacho shooting update: Boxing star expected to survive

Hector Camacho is expected to survive a shooting in Puerto Rico, according to the latest reports.

Ken Levine/Getty Images

The Associated Press reports tonight that hours after his shooting in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, Hector "Macho" Camacho is now expected to survive, according to his doctors.

From the report:

The bullet apparently struck him in the jaw but exited his head and lodged in his right shoulder and fractured two vertebrae, Torres said. The doctor said the boxer, who was trailed by drug and alcohol problems during a career that included some high-profile bouts, was at risk of paralysis from the shooting.

Camacho representative Steve Tannenbaum said he was told by friends at the hospital that the boxer would make it. "This guy is a cat with nine lives. He's been through so much," he said. "If anybody can pull through it will be him."

The good news is it looks like Camacho will pull through this, after early rumors that he had passed due to a bullet being lodged in his brain. Obviously, it's still a tragedy that this is a man who may never walk again, but the potential worst appears to have been cleared.

We'll keep you posted if there are any more updates, but for now, Camacho looks to have cleared some major hurdles.

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