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Berto vs Guerrero: Robert Guerrero discusses Berto's mental lapses, ring rust, Broner, and more

Robert Guerrero gives his thoughts on what Andre Berto might be feeling after a long layoff, his own game plan in Saturday's fight, his media feud with Adrien Broner, and more.

Marcos Villegas, The Boxing Channel: "Robert, just looking at you, first off, you look a lot bigger, a lot more muscular, I see you've put on some size. Talk to me about that."

Robert Guerrero: "It all has to do with altering my diet the right way, doing everything I need to do. Eating the right foods, the right proteins, getting that all said and done. And then adding in more push-ups, more sit-ups, stuff like that, and you start to build up the right way."

Villegas: "So no weight training whatsoever? You're saying push-ups, a lot of plyometric training, because I would imagine if you put on the wrong type of muscle, it could take away from your speed."

Guerrero: "Oh, yeah. I don't like doing weights or anything like that. I like to be all-natural. It's all-natural push-ups and old school throwback style."

Villegas: "Now you are throwback, you fight anybody. You're among the very few people in boxing that takes on all comers. Looking at Andre Berto, you've mentioned in interviews that you feel you need to pressure him all fight. Why do you feel that way?"

Guerrero: "We're gonna go and execute our game plan. We've got a bunch of things in mind where we're gonna do a lot of different things in the ring. That's the thing, you've got to keep a guy thinking, and not let him catch on and be one-dimensional. We've got a lot of different things we worked on going into this fight, so we're gonna go out there and execute them."

Villegas: "Looking at his fight with Victor Ortiz, he had a lot of trouble when Victor was on him and pressuring him, and a lot of people have said since that fight, that if you're in his face, he may have a mental lapse in the ring. Do you feel he does have mental lapses in the ring?"

Guerrero: "Yeah, in a bit he does. But everybody fights different. That was a few years ago, so some people train on different things. You can't expect a guy to do one thing. You've just got to be prepared for everything. If he does have that mental lapse, it's tough for him. We're going to take advantage of it. If not, we're ready for him. People were talking about Victor Ortiz before that fight, he has mental lapses, but he came out like a lion in that fight and dominated it. You can't judge a guy from the way he looked on film or the way he looked with people in the past. You've got to be ready for everything."

Villegas: "I see Berto's situation right now as similar to the situation that you were in prior to your fight with Aydin, in that it was a long layoff, and you hadn't fought yet. I feel that you have a better understanding of where his mind's at and what he's feeling right now than all of us. Talk to me, what do you think he is feeling right now? What questions do you think he has coming into this fight?"

Guerrero: "Being out so long, pretty much all on your mind is get back in there and show good. Come out, showcase, and let everybody know, like, hey, I'm back. Having that mind set when I was coming back in, it really drove me to push hard, and to work hard, and to come out and put out a great fight. That's what I'm expecting from Berto, is he's gonna come out and try to showcase and try to look real good, and to impress all the boxing fans and all the media, and let them know that he's back, and that he's here to dominate the welterweight division."

Villegas: "Do you believe in ring rust? Is it something that you feel does happen to fighters in the ring?"

Guerrero: "Oh, yeah, definitely. You get in the ring, you got no headgear, you got little gloves. The punches feel different. It's different relaxing, stuff like that. That's why all fighters like to stay busy and like to stay sharp, because it does happen. I really feel ring rust, it does haunt you in the fights."

Villegas: "Looking at you, I noted that you gained a lot of muscle. But are you able to go back down if you wanted to, if there's a lucrative fight for you say at 140 or even at 135?"

Guerrero: "No, you know, I've built into 147 pounds already. It'd be tough getting down. I think it'd be one of those cases, like Roy Jones when he went up to heavyweight and came back down, it really hurt him, because now you're burning off muscle and you ain't burning fat. I think it'd take a toll on me, coming back down in weight. That's why I'm here at '47, or if not, I'm going up."

Villegas: "I was gonna mention that a fight I know you wanted, and we just saw him over the weekend, too, Adrien Broner. I know you ruled that division for a very long time and you had to move up because no one would fight you in that division."

Guerrero: "He threw out a challenge, and I called him on it. I told him, 'You want to throw out the challenge, you challenge me where I'm at.' It'd be a sissy move to challenge somebody and make them come down. So that's why i said, I told him, 'Hey, you wanna make it happen? Come to 147 pounds. That's where I'm at.'"

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