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Berto vs Guerrero: Adrien Broner says Berto 'can make it as easy as he wants'

Adrien Broner has had his press spats with Robert Guerrero in the past, but says that's not the reason he expects Andre Berto could have an easy time with Guerrero on Saturday night.

Joe Robbins

There is no love lost between Adrien Broner and Robert Guerrero, but new WBC lightweight champion Broner insists that any ill feelings between the two have nothing to do with his prediction for Guerrero's fight with Andre Berto on Saturday night, which he tells that Berto can win easily:

"My prediction is not based on the little confrontation that me and Robert Guerrero had. I'm looking at it as a boxer too. I know boxing. With the skills that Andre Berto has - he should win this fight easily. He can make it as easy as he wants. Robert Guerrero is a tough fighter, a world class fighter, and he could punch. This should be a good fight."

Though I doubt that Broner's feelings for Guerrero -- or assumed feelings, anyway -- don't play any part in the prediction, this isn't a wild, out of this world sort of statement. Many feel that Berto, physically, can do a number on Guerrero, who has fought once at 147 pounds and struggled through a solid win over Selcuk Aydin. Berto has a lot more experience in this weight class, he's a bigger man physically, and if he's not terribly rusty, I think a lot of folks see him as the favorite in this matchup.

But where we can all agree, I think, is when Broner says this should be a good fight.

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