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Hatton vs Senchenko: Al Bernstein's Keys to Victory

Hall of Fame boxing commentator and analyst Al Bernstein gives his keys to victory for today's fight between Ricky Hatton and Vyacheslav Senchenko.

Bernstein's Keys to Victory: Ricky Hatton

1. Jab way in
2. Use head movement
3. Work the body

"He's an aggressive fighter, but he needs to jab his way in, not just bull-rush his opponent. Head movement is very important. His defensive issues have been chronicled many times, and when he does move his head coming in, he's a much better defensive fighter. And the body work, most important. Senchenko is vulnerable to that. Some question his ability to deal with a great body puncher, and Hatton certainly is that."

Bernstein's Keys to Victory: Vyacheslav Senchenko

1. Fight at distance
2. Double the jab
3. Land the right

"As he fights in the lion's den in Manchester, England, he's got to fight at distance. You don't want Hatton fighting off your chest. If he can keep Hatton at long range, he can do well in this fight. Double the jab. One jab's not enough, you have to use a couple at a time to upset Hatton's rhythm. And finally, the right hand. Senchenko has a good right hand, and if he gives himself the room to fire it, he can do some damage against Ricky Hatton."

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