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Berto vs Guerrero: Al Bernstein's Keys to Victory

Hall of Fame boxing commentator and analyst Al Bernstein gives his keys to victory for today's fight between Andre Berto and Robert Guerrero.

Bernstein's Keys to Victory: Robert Guerrero
1. Think defense
2. Don't lunge
3. Use the uppercut

"Defense is important. At least think defense. Sometimes Robert Guerrero is so offensive-minded, that he just doesn't consider that. He's going to need to in this fight. He can't lunge in. Often times, he lunges in with his punches, and that will allow Berto, who's a pretty good counterpuncher, to hit him. The uppercut is the secret weapon, I think, for Robert Guerrero. And it will work against a shorter Andre Berto. I think that that's a punch that could pack a lot of power. That and the straight left hand for Robert Guerrero."

Bernstein's Keys to Victory: Andre Berto

1. No wide punches
2. Move left
3. Land the right

"No wide punches. He threw those in some instances against Ortiz, and was countered with those shots. He's got to keep things more compact and straight. He's got to move to his left a bit, so he doesn't get hit by the southpaw Guerrero with the straight left hand. Sometimes against Ortiz, he was moving to his right, right into the straight left. And his right hand is a terrific shot. He can land that against the southpaw Guerrero, and it could be the difference-maker."

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