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Ricky Hatton retires after loss to Senchenko: 'I don't have it anymore'

Ricky Hatton has announced his retirement at the post-fight press conference following his loss to Vyacheslav Senchenko in Manchester.

Scott Heavey

Ricky Hatton didn't commit in his post-fight interview with Primetime, but given a little time before the press conference, he has apparently come to a decision. Following a ninth round knockout loss to Vyacheslav Senchenko, Ricky Hatton has announced his retirement from boxing.

From Sky Sports:

Ricky Hatton announces his retirement in emotional press conference. Says he hasn't got it anymore but he can retire content this time round

Hatton said, "I don't want to put myself or Jennifer through this anymore. I don't have it anymore. That's the end." Sky also reported Hatton as saying he wants to take better care of himself this time, and stay in good health for his kids and Jennifer Dooley, his longtime girlfriend.

It is news that I think most are going to welcome. Obviously, we all will root for Ricky Hatton to take to civilian life better this time around, and if he's at peace with the way things went, that should be more possible. He fought with all he had left in his 34-year-old body tonight against Senchenko, and came up short. Hatton chose to take a credible test rather than a creampuff opponent for his first fight in three and a half years, and it was always a possibility he would lose. That's all he did tonight, though: He lost a fight. He did not lose any respect.

I'm hoping that this won't be the end of Hatton in boxing, just the end as an active competitor. This is a fighter who overachieved in his career and became arguably the most beloved boxer of his generation, anywhere in the world. But physically, though he could compete on the second tier of the sport if he wanted to, he's never going to reach his past heights again.

It's a good retirement, I think. Thanks for all the fights, Ricky, including today's.

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