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Robert Guerrero: 'I see myself fighting Floyd Mayweather next'

Robert Guerrero has his mind on just one man following last night's grueling victory over Andre Berto, and that man is Floyd Mayweather.

Marcos Villegas, The Boxing Channel: "Robert, I know for a very long time, people were not really giving you the credit you deserved. You voiced that opinion, and I feel this that fight really put that out. You made a statement that you're here at welterweight."

Robert Guerrero: "Yeah, that's why I came out and fought the way I fought, and did what I had to do. We'll see what happens. Hopefully, I'll get the credit that I deserve, and keep on truckin'. I'm excited that I went out there and did what I did, and that also, too, there's a bright future."

Villegas: "Talk to me about that bright future. What do you see yourself in? What kind of battles do you want? Who do you want to call out?"

Guerrero: "I see myself fighting Floyd Mayweather next. I got a lot of criticism when I called him out the first time. Now, it's time to make it happen. I fought the right fights at welterweight. I'm the welterweight interim WBC champion, the No. 1 contender to fight him, so it's time to make it happen."

Villegas: "Looking at the fight, the one thing that most gained my respect, and really surprised a lot of people in the audience, was your ability to take his punch. You have, like, an iron chin, an iron beard."

Guerrero: "Yeah, you know, I got a good chin. Especially coming up from 122 pounds all the way to 147. It's a matter of a combination of everything. Being prepared, the right nutrition, all that stuff. Nutrition is a very important part of a fighter's career. That's why I'm able to take shots the way I take them, and give them."

Villegas: "Talk to me a little bit about the two knockdowns. Were you surprised, first off, that you caught him so early? Kind of walk me through them -- what was going on through your mind when those knockdowns occurred?"

Guerrero: "I knew Berto had a soft chin. I knew he goes down early. He goes down early, and every time in his fights he's been down, it's been early. But he gets up, and he trucks on strong, and that's what he did. Once I knocked him down, I had to be cautious when I got in there, and bang away at his body and start breaking him down for the later rounds. I was watching the fight with him and Ortiz, and when Ortiz knocked him down, he came right back and blasted him."

Villegas: "Did you feel at any point during the fight that you could have taken him out, that you could have ended it?"

Guerrero: "I was in there just doing my thing. Doing my thing, you know, Berto's a strong guy. He was there to fight. He fought his heart out. That last round, we had some exchange. I think if there was a couple more seconds on that clock, I think he would have been out."

Villegas: "Talk to me a little bit about the inside game. I know a lot of people mentioned there were shots behind the head on both sides, shots landed on the hip and the legs. Did it bother you or did it frustrate you at all working in there?"

Guerrero: "Nah, it didn't bother me at all. I took a lot of shots in the back of the head, but you know what? It's boxing, man. You don't cry about anything like that. Aydin hit me harder in the back of the head than he did, so I ain't gonna cry and moan about stuff. I'm gonna go in there and keep fighting. I'm gonna do what I do. I ain't gonna complain about anything."

Villegas: "And ultimately, Robert, what was the one thing that you feel fans should know because of this fight that you had tonight?"

Guerrero: "That I come to fight. Put up the best fights that I can. And that I'm game. I come to do what I do, go out there, and make it happen."

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