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Adrien Broner vs Antonio DeMarco draws 1,050,791 viewers on HBO

Adrien Broner's star power looks to have held steady as he draws a good, though not great, number on HBO against Antonio DeMarco.

Joe Robbins

Adrien Broner is starting to become one of those fighters who creates a bit of a "buzz" as his fights approach. His personality, while often abrasive, does the job of getting people talking while his skills once the bell rings give people reason to legitimately care.

When Broner fought Vincente Escobedo in July it drew over 1.4 million viewers on HBO, a very solid number for Boxing After Dark. Earlier this month Broner returned to the ring to face Antonio DeMarco in a more legitimate fight than the turn against Escobedo, a fight where Broner didn't bother trying to make weight as he was moving up a division anyway.

Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports is the man to see about boxing ratings, so I asked him if he had the figures for the Broner/DeMarco fight:

When asked how good the number was, Kevin clarified a bit:

Broner looked sensational in victory but I'd tend to agree with Iole. These numbers aren't off the charts good, though they are certainly good enough to not be embarrassed by any means.

For reference, the broadcast was going head-to-head with UFC 154 which featured the return of Georges St. Pierre, Oregon vs. Stanford in an exciting and very important NCAA football game that saw the #1 team in the nation knocked off in overtime and Kansas State vs. Baylor in a game that saw the #2 team in the country upset. Though how much of an impact those events would have on this fight is unclear.

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