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Pacquiao vs Marquez 24/7 video: Full second episode

The hype continues for the December 8 showdown between old rivals Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, with the second episode of HBO's 24/7 series.

The second episode of Pacquiao vs Marquez 24/7 is in the books as we approach the fourth fight between the two living legends and no doubt Hall of Famers, and you can watch the full episode right here on BLH.

If you missed the first episode, catch up with that one here.

The episode, if we're being honest, has been criticized pretty heavily, with many feeling it's the worst episode in the entire history of the series, at least for boxing. BLH's Ryan Bivins said it was the "most forgettable" episode he's seen, and I (Scott) believe that it is, indeed, the worst. Others have shared similar sentiments on Twitter.

I think part of the problem, as I worried coming into this run, is that we've seen it all over and over from Pacquiao at this point, and we just had a Pacquiao-Marquez series a year ago, and frankly that one didn't garner strong reviews, either. The show is still highly effective with fresher fighters, or when Floyd Mayweather is involved because Floyd goes out of his way to be entertaining, however he has to do it, but these guys aren't really TV showmen, and neither of them are particularly good at hyping a fight.

People watch Manny Pacquiao because he's a great fighter, and watch Marquez for the same reason. But as great as they both are in the ring, neither one of them have much history of doing anything particularly noteworthy outside of it in the public eye. The most memorable thing either of them has ever done on a 24/7 is probably when Marquez was drinking his own urine.

And there's also the fact that the matchup itself is old news, even if you feel it's compelling on December 8, and you're looking forward to the fight. You know the story. If you're tuning in, you were sold when they announced it. If you're not, there's not much they can do to convince you it's not a rerun, other than one of them taking a swing at the other at a presser, and that's just not going to happen. It isn't that kind of rivalry (thank goodness, I can hear some of you saying).

AT THE END OF THE DAY, IT IS WHAT IT IS, is what I'm trying to say.

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