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Manny Pacquiao: 'Marquez's size doesn't matter, I've fought bigger guys'

Manny Pacquiao spoke with Marcos Villegas of The Boxing Channel on Wednesday at his media day, discussing Marquez's size, strength, possible worries about his bulked up physique, and more.

Marcos Villegas, The Boxing Channel: "Manny, why has Juan Manuel Marquez been so difficult for you to fight, and so difficult for you to get a clear and decisive victory over?"

Manny Pacquiao: "He's a counter-puncher. He always backs off, backs off. He waits for my punches, and then he throws. But if I waited for him to throw punches, then the fight is going to be boring. So I have to make the action, so the fight won't be boring. This time my focus is very good, and my training is good, and I'm focused on aggression."

Villegas: "You as an action-style fighter, who comes forward and throws punches, how frustrating is that for you when you punch your opponents and hurt them, and all they do is run away? We've seen that with Bradley, we've seen that with Clottey, tell me how frustrating that is."

Pacquiao: "Especially the last fight with Bradley, I'd never seen him back off in a fight. I watched his fights before our fight, and he'd come inside and fight toe-to-toe, but in our fight, I was surprised. He ran."

Villegas: "There have been reports out of Mexico City that Juan Manuel Marquez has been dropping sparring partners, and Marquez himself has said that the night of the fight, he will be the bigger, faster, stronger fighter. What's your opinion on those statements and him hurting his sparring partners?"

Pacquiao: "He works hard. It's good for him, he trains hard. I train hard also. The size doesn't matter. I've been fighting bigger guys -- Cotto, Margarito, De La Hoya. I've been fighting guys bigger than me, so that's not new."

Villegas: "When you see his new muscular physique, is it no worry, or does it raise your eyebrow and make you think, like, 'Wow, how did Marquez get so big, so muscular all of a sudden?'"

Pacquiao: "I'm not worried about that. You can train hard and develop your body by training. It's good for him."

Villegas: "Did you feel his strength, his power in the last fight? Was it different than the first two fights?"

Pacquiao: "He has strength, but it's not like other fighters that I've fought before."

Villegas: "Like who?"

Pacquiao: "Cotto, Clottey, like that. Clottey's a pretty good, strong puncher."

Villegas: "Fans say, 'Manny, why no more knockouts?' What's going on?"

Pacquiao: "It just happens that they run. If you see the boxers that I fought before, when they come inside, it's a good fight."

Villegas: "Is there a part of you that wishes that the judge in the first fight would have scored it correctly so you wouldn't have to fight Marquez for a fourth time?"

Pacquiao: "No, I can't blame someone else. I respect them. We're not perfect."

Villegas: "Do you get tired of fighting him so much, though? This is the fourth time. You have to be tired of it."

Pacquiao: "I don't know. It doesn't get tired. I don't get tired of fighting him."

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