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Bob Arum doesn't approve of Richard Schaefer's proposal for "trading" fighters

Richard Schaefer proposed an idea to help make the highly-desired Nonito Donaire - Abner Mares and Brandon Rios - Lucas Matthysse fights a reality. Bob Arum didn't like it, not one bit.

Patrick McDermott

A couple of weeks ago Bob Arum declared that he had no interest in doing a co-promotion with Golden Boy Promotions (GBP) in order to allow Nonito Donaire and Abner Mares to share the same ring. His stance on the issue is that he will entertain the idea of offering a fee for the temporary services of Mares in order for Top Rank to promote the fight, but a co-promotion is out of the question.

According to Boxing Scene, after GBP CEO Richard Schaefer heard of Arum's comments, he proposed something a bit different. Schaefer proposed the idea that they would allow Top Rank to promote the Donaire - Mares matchup entirely by themselves, as long as GBP would be allowed to promote a Brandon Rios - Lucas Matthysse fight exclusively, as well.

Here is Arum's response to that proposal:

"It's not major league baseball. We don't trade fighters! You trade baseball players, you don't trade fighters. This guy knows nothing about the sport of boxing."

According to the article, the reporter was about to attempt a follow-up question, but was told by Top Rank's VP of Boxing Operations Carl Moretti to not ask any more questions about Golden Boy.

So, yes. The heavily anticipated Donaire - Mares showdown is no closer to happening, and, frankly, I will be shocked if it ever does happen. That's just the way things are now.

I can't really blame one side more than the other. One side can make all of the proposals in the world, but that doesn't make them any more realistic. Proposals are often a PR game, designed to get the public to thinking, "Hey, at least they're trying!"

There's no way Top Rank would want one of their big stars, Brandon Rios in this instance, making money for Golden Boy. I'm sure Golden Boy would love the trade of Mares for Rios, if only temporary, but that simply won't happen. Rios is a good possibility to land the next Pacquiao fight in April, regardless. He wouldn't do anything to risk that in the interim, no matter who is promoting him.

I remember when Arum and Don King were big rivals, each with their own large, high-quality stable of fighters. You knew it would be tough for a big fight to get made between them, but sometimes things actually came together. Oscar de la Hoya's "Fight of the Millenium" with Felix Trinidad was Arum and King working together. They were rivals, but businessmen first. They didn't send each other Christmas cards, but they could grind out a deal more times than not.

This is different. This has become like a bad dad-turns-vigilante-after-family-murdered movie. It's all personal and crap.

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