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Cotto vs Trout: Paulie Malignaggi interviews both fighters for Showtime Sports

Paulie Malignaggi interviews Miguel Cotto and Austin Trout just days ahead of their clash on Showtime this Saturday night.

Paulie Malignaggi, Showtime Sports: "Explain the emotion and the sensation that you feel even now, after so many times having fought here, knowing when you come out of the tunnel, you have such a supportive crowd in front of you."

Miguel Cotto: "Being here and having all these fans, it means a lot to me. I know next Saturday's going to be the same and we're going for the same."

Austin Trout: "I feel less pressure because of the path I've had to take, but being able to fight Miguel Cotto, who's a superstar in this game right now, it gives a lot of extra motivation. I have to be on my A-game. There's not gonna be any half-stepping. No rounds off, anything like that. We've trained extremely hard to make sure we can push the intensity instead of keep up with his intensity."

Cotto: "The fighter he's going to face on Saturday is Miguel Cotto. I think it's a different level and a different opponent for him. If you tell the crowd to shut up on Saturday night, it's not going to change the results."

Trout: "There's nothing left to do now but weigh in and fight. I'm super excited."

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