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Robert Guerrero says Amir Khan is 'a scumbag' for shots at Freddie Roach

Following Amir Khan's statements that Freddie Roach may suffer as a trainer due to his Parkinson's Disease, Robert Guerrero called Khan a scumbag.

The gang at FightHub was able to catch up with Robert Guerrero as he trains to get ready for his bout with Andre Berto later this month. Instead of talking about Berto, the conversation turned to Amir Khan.

On Danny Garcia stopping Amir Khan:

I knew that was gonna happen. And I think if they fight, every time that would happen. Amir Khan just don't have a chin. That's it. You know, I take my hat off to Danny Garcia, you know? He's undefeated and out there doing his thing, working hard, putting out the fights he needs to put out, I'm happy for him, he went out there and knocked out Khan. I'm a little sad he got to him before I did. [laughs]

You know, he did his thing. All you can do is congratulate him.

On Amir taking shots at Freddie Roach and saying his Parkinson's Disease may affect his ability as a trainer:

I think that's just not being able to take a punch. For him to say that, that's just him straight being a scumbag.

You know, his next fight is gonna show. I don't know who they're bringing him, somebody from Timbuktu [media says "Carlos Molina"]. Time's gonna tell. It's gonna show. Guy can't take a punch? He can't take a punch. It comes down I said, you can either take that punch or not. Man, he's got some soft whiskers. You can't blame that on Freddie Roach. Maybe Freddie could have gave him some bubble gum or something to work on his jaw or something.

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