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Alfredo Angulo discusses his comeback, sparring with Amir Khan, and new trainer Virgil Hunter

Alfredo Angulo returns to the ring tomorrow night in Los Angeles, facing Raul Casarez. In this video interview, he discusses his comeback, recent sparring with Amir Khan, and working with new trainer Virgil Hunter.

Marcos Villegas: "Alfredo, I know you switched trainers. Let me know how that transition has been for you, and what you have learned working with Virgil Hunter."

Alfredo Angulo: "Virgil is a great trainer with a lot of experience, he has helped us remember the work we have always done, and add a few ingredients into the fighting style of 'El Perro.' But my style still remains the same."

Marcos Villegas: "Talk to me a little bit about that extra ingredient that he's adding into your game. What are things that you feel you've improved under Virgil?"

Alfredo Angulo: "Well, many things. But on November 10 you will see it in the ring. I still have the same style but with the difference in Virgil's training as he doesn't like his fighters to get hit. You will see more work on November 10."

Marcos Villegas: "I know you've been up in the Bay Area training with Virgil, with Amir (Khan), with Andre (Ward). Talk to me about that. What's been the hardest transition moving your camp with Virgil?"

Alfredo Angulo: "We worked half the time here in Los Angeles and the other half up in Oakland since he has other fighters. Nothing too difficult because it's only a short, 45-minute flight. So no big deal overall."

Marcos Villegas: "I spoke to Amir Khan last week and he told me that you guys did a bit of sparring. I want to know -- and I see you smiling right here, fans want to know, how did that sparring session go? What did you learn from Amir sparring with him, and what can you tell us about that?"

Alfredo Angulo: "Amir is a very good fighter with very quick hands. We were able to spar the last two weeks together which was very good for me as his hand speed keeps my reflexes alert, and we have done a lot of good work. And in return, I feel him working with me, he has been able to get something valuable in the ring."

Marcos Villegas: "I wish we could go ahead and see you guys sparring and film that, but I know that's not allowed. How long did it take you to feel comfortable in the ring again, to get your reflexes back, and start putting things in where you last left off?"

Alfredo Angulo: "I feel the strength work we did with Darryl was fundamental in getting me back quickly. Overall it took about a week for this with Virgil."

Marcos Villegas: "You must be extremely excited. You're coming back here fighting in Los Angeles. It's been quite some time since you last fought. Fans haven't seen you for a while. Have you pictured how you're going to feel walking into the ring the night of this coming Saturday?"

Alfredo Angulo: "Nervous and excited to get back into the ring and hear the crowd cheer for the 'El Perro' name. I know that the people there will do this and some people ask, 'Are you nervous for the fight?' I say, 'This is what I do,' so I'm not really nervous now, but I am sure when I walk down, I will be nervous."

Marcos Villegas: "You're saying that now, and I would imagine if you get the victory, would it be that much more emotional a victory for you, as compared to a regular victory, because of what has happened with you in the past few months?"

Alfredo Angulo: "I think it will mean more as it is my return, and especially since it is here in Los Angeles. I feel as Los Angeles is a boxing home to me and all the people who follow 'El Perro' are here. So yes, I will be very excited if everything goes well."

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