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Anselmo Moreno on clash with Abner Mares, possible future fight with 'unimpressive' Donaire'

Anselmo Moreno says he's excited to face Abner Mares tomorrow, and wasn't impressed by Nonito Donaire's recent win over Toshiaki Nishioka.

Marcos Villegas: "Looking at this matchup, talk to me about your training camp, and how do you feel overall, confidence-wise, for this fight?"

Anselmo Moreno: "The truth is that confidence is everything. It's the base of excellence and what one needs to win. I have to say that my confidence is very high, I am super ready and very happy to be here in Los Angeles, and happy that the fight is here on Saturday, and happy to be fighting against a champion like Mares.

Marcos Villegas: "Speaking of Abner Mares and your style, it's safe to say that there could be times where you frustrate him. With that style, you worry though that at times the fight might not be as exciting, given your style."

Anselmo Moreno: "This fight will be very entertaining and incredibly good. Both of our styles are very entertaining to watch."

Marcos Villegas: "I saw you a bit more aggressive in your last fight, you were jabbing a lot, and pressuring a bit, using combinations. Are we going to see that, or are you going to stick basic, to your roots, to that defensive style?"

Anselmo Moreno: "I'm coming to win a championship and raise that 122-pound belt. So I have to show the judges and the public that I want to be the champion and have the belt. I am in great shape and I will be coming with everything I got. I am full of hunger so I know it will be a tremendous fight."

Marcos Villegas: "Speaking of your style, was there an inspiration for that? How did that come about? How did you become a defensive fighter?"

Anselmo Moreno: "I feel that I am also an offensive fighter. For the most part in my fights, I have shown my offense, too. But I also like to pace and control the fight. But for some reason fighters like to come to me, so that's why I have become that style of fighter."

Marcos Villegas: "What do you think is crucial, is key for you to do, and not let Abner do on the night of the fight?"

Anselmo Moreno: "For me the keys are my hands and my feet. I move very fast and will use this to keep him off me and basically to not let him get to me. That will be the most important key for me to win."

Marcos Villegas: "What did you think of Nonito Donaire's win over Toshiaki Nishioka?"

Anselmo Moreno: "Well, I thought it was going to be a much better fight. I didn't think it was going to be as boring as it was. It seems Nishioka didn't want to fight and that he was scared of Donaire's right hand. For some reason, he just didn't fight. I look forward to a fight with Donaire in the near future."

Marcos Villegas: "Were you impressed with Nonito? By the way he eventually stopped him?"

Anselmo Moreno: "No, it did not impress me. The opposite, actually. The other guy just didn't want to fight that night. I wanted to see more in that fight. His opponent didn't want to fight, so Donaire didn't do anything special."

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