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Pacquiao vs Marquez IV: Arum hoping for 'mojo' to return to Manny Pacquiao

Bob Arum says he's seen different versions of Manny Pacquiao in training camp thus far, but he's hoping for a return to form for the iconic fighter.

Chris Robinson: "I know you were in Los Angeles recently checking out Manny Pacquiao. How would you describe your overall trip and just seeing him, how was he?"

Bob Arum: "I saw him train twice. The first was the Tuesday after he arrived. He arrived on a Saturday night, and he sparred on Tuesday, and I was concerned because he looked very, very sluggish. But then on Thursday, I came back, and it was one of the best Manny Pacquiaos I've ever seen, the way he was sparring with some really good sparring partners."

Chris Robinson: "Now when you go and see Manny, what things are you looking for in your fighter? What are you trying to study?"

Bob Arum: "I'm looking mentally, whether he's in it or he's worried about what Bible study portion he's going to do that night. Is he focused, and is this the number one item on his agenda? And I certainly on that Thursday found that to be the case."

Chris Robinson: "And how is Freddie Roach doing? What does Freddie Roach think about everything?"

Bob Arum: "Freddie Roach was extremely pleased on Thursday. Extremely pleased. He hasn't seen Manny this good in a number of fights. But, you know, it's a long way from here until December 8. So he's got to keep at that peak."

Chris Robinson: "You mentioned the Bible study and stuff. I read a report, I don't know if it was true, he was out late maybe doing some Bible study stuff, and he might have missed a running day in the morning, and it might have upset Freddie. Do you know if that's true at all?"

Bob Arum: "I don't know if that's true or not. I know that Wednesday of last week, he shot a commercial for pistachios. He was really happy doing that."

Chris Robinson: "How many times do you reckon you've been to the Wild Card to check up on Manny over the years? How many camps?"

Bob Arum: "I have a house that I live in in LA, so it's not that hard, because I don't make a special trip. But I would say in the course of one of these fights, I will see him train about eight times."

Chris Robinson: "Eight times for each fight pretty much?"

Bob Arum: "Yes."

Chris Robinson: "And do any camps stand out over the years where he looked extremely sharp or made an impression on you?"

Bob Arum: "The Cotto camp he was really sharp. The De La Hoya camp he was sharp. He's been distracted the last three camps. And hopefully he's gonna get his mojo back this camp."

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