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Garcia vs Judah press conference video: Angel Garcia, Zab Judah pulled apart after insults fly

Angel Garcia did his usual job at the press conference tonight, getting Zab Judah angered to the point that the two camps had to be pulled apart. Garcia's son Danny faces Judah on February 9 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Angel Garcia: "Danny's blessed. I'm blessed because of Danny. Without Danny, there wouldn't be me. I do the training, Al picks them, Danny fights them. That's how we work. The thing is that, everybody's talking about Zab, Zab, this, that, whatever. The thing is, every time he stepped up, he lost. So what's the point? Like, he didn't win! When he fought Kostya Tszyu, that was his time. That was Zab's time. Kostya Tszyu. He didn't get nothing. He got clipped. That's OK, it happens, but the thing is, that was his time, his era.

"This is a new era. It might be in Brooklyn. I feel bad for the Brooklyn people, I love y'all. We're from Philly, we're right down the street from y'all. It's about Philly right now. Philly in the house. Still undefeated champion of the world, February 9, Danny's still undefeated. WBA, Ring Magazine champion of the world, WBC. Still coming home. We're not leaving that in Brooklyn.

"Zab, I give him credit. It's just gonna be work for Danny. 26-0, 17 KOs. I say Zab goes down in four, five counting. Zab's a four-round fighter. He knows that. You fought Paris. Not to put Paris on the spot, because what happens in the gym, stays in the gym, but we used him for sparring, man. First shot Danny hit him with, he went down. It took you nine! It took you nine! With Paris? He don't even go a round and a half.

"I'm not trying to put Paris on the spot, but the truth is the truth, and the sky is too big for me to cover it. It took him nine rounds to put Paris down! It rhymes, too, you know what I mean? Listen, Zab, your time was with Kostya Tszyu. It's a new era. I respect you, because you put gloves on. Any man that puts gloves on in life, you gotta respect that. That's the only respect I'm giving you, is the gloves.

"Besides the point, Zab, I ain't trying to hurt your feelings, I ain't trying to hurt your corner's feelings..."

Zab Judah: "You can't. He's gotta fight, not you."

Angel Garcia: "I'm fighting mentally with him. Believe that. The difference between..."

Zab Judah: "I've been here, I've been here since 16 years ago. I won more world titles, I got more knockouts than he got fuckin' fights."

Angel Garcia: "It don't matter, dog. It don't matter. Listen. It don't matter. It don't fuckin' matter. ... Get the fuck out of here, bitch. Pussy ass motherfucker. Take your motherfuckin' Janet Jackson hat off!"

(And then the rest happens.)

HT: Boricua Boxing

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