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Zab Judah: 'On February 9, y'all come watch me torture Danny Garcia'

Zab Judah and Danny Garcia's father and trainer Angel Garcia got into it at today's press conference. After the sides were pulled apart, Judah spoke about what went down, and his motivation to 'punish' Garcia on February 9.

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Zab Judah

"I'm not Amir Khan, I'm not Erik Morales, I'm not gonna stand there while his father talks all that bullshit. You're gonna walk outta here, come into Brooklyn -- one thing you better know about Brooklyn, you come into Brooklyn, you gotta have some respect. Take your ass whoopin', and head back down 95. That's it."

"Somebody's gotta check him, man. ... Fight after fight, fight after fight, everybody lets this man run around and disrespect them. ... Listen, man, watch your mouth, man. Watch your mouth, man. I ain't said nothin' to that man but respect. Y'all saw that. I congratulated him. He got up there -- man, stop that. Wrong fighter. Wrong fighter. Save that for somebody else. Not over here. You came all the way to New York City. Read the guidelines and the rule books about New York City. That's what you gotta do."

"Zab, did you have any thought that it was going to boil over like this?"

"Never. That's not my forte. When I come, I come in peace. I come for a boxing fight, to win the championship of the world. His father gets up there, we anticipated this. ... Like I said, I want everybody to know, I didn't lose my composure. What I did was I had to let him know that, this is a fight between me and your son. I don't care what your strategy is. That's not gonna work here. When you come to Brooklyn, New York, you respect what's going on in the city. I respect you, you respect me back. We're gentleman at the end of the day. It's just a job. You wanna be disrespectful? I can be disrespectful, too. That's it."

(Another small ruckus.)

"I don't like that, man. I don't like that, though. They know they gotta come back to the west coast. They know what it is! We play for real on that west side! Nah, man! We play real on that west side, son."

"Zab, what point was it where you really boiled over up there? What bothered you?"

"The father. The talking. Like, what are you -- respect! We were having a great time, man! Come on, man! It's December, man!"

"Are you having issues with the Watsons as well?"

"No, listen, they're our team. Anybody in Team Judah, you got a problem with Zab, you got a problem with Team Judah. Danny Garcia got -- so I understand, they're protecting their interest. So the Watson brothers and all them, they wanna team up with their peoples, I been here for years. Stay with your side. Stay with your side. Don't flip-flop. I don't need no help over here on my side. Stay with your side, man. Ride with your side."

"If you win this, would you want Mayweather next?"

"When I win this. We ain't gonna talk about that. We gonna talk about who's next, Danny Garcia, February 9th."

"Any prediction for the fight?"

"Punishment. Punishment. His father likes four, I'm gonna take him in four. He wants four? He said the number. Watch what you ask for. I'm telling you, man, I don't know why they did this. They run up the wrong one, man. Play with them other people, man. I know everything you're saying. I don't stand for it, man. Because of my spiritualism for God, that man is still standing right now, man. Because God gave me the spirit to hold myself."

"Did this just give you further motivation today?"

"That's it. Punishment. Punishment! Punishment! I'm gonna punish him."

"So Zab, when are you gonna start training camp?"

"Training camp has been started. It's been started. I'm gonna punish him."

"What about his left hook, how are you gonna defend that?"

"I got the hardest left hand in the business. I'm the hardest puncher, fastest 140 pounder in the world. But, see, listen -- it's funny, you see him yesterday, you see him today, it's a whole different story. Now when we're around with the security and everybody, where it's contained, it's a whole different situation. I don't wanna put nothing out there, but I seen them yesterday. They seen me yesterday. A no-security environment. Everybody, including his father, was humble! Humble!

"Now he gets here in front of all this media and the press today, and they wanna put on this big show. That's not them, man. They're not really like that. That's why I got so mad. Everybody thinks, 'Oh, Zab got mad for no reason.' No, y'all don't understand. I seen these people yesterday, it was a whole different situation. Now we get today in front of the cameras, he wanna put on some big shenanigan show. That's not cool. You picked the wrong person for that. You don't do that. I show respect, and I ask for respect that. We don't get respect back, remember, at the end of the day, guys, we're fighters. This is a fighter's mentality. This is a warrior sport. We're in a fight. We're in a fight! We're in a fight! There's a fight gonna happen!

"You said you got a beef with somebody, and you gonna beat up a homeboy for doing something, whenever you catch him, that's a fight, right? That's a fight! Understand that. That's what's going on right now, ladies and gentlemen. It's a fight going on. February 9th."

"You've been around forever, have you ever been involved in an altercation like this before?"

"This is limitless. This is nothing. I've been in bigger things than this. Listen, I love the opportunity. I wanna thank the Barclays Center, I wanna thank Showtime, I wanna thank Golden Boy just having the opportunity. But February 9th, y'all come watch me torture Danny Garcia, from round one to round whenever it's all over."

"Zab, way off the subject, Christmas is coming. What are you gonna do for Christmas?"

"I'm gonna give his dad a Christmas gift. In four rounds, he's gonna come in there and pick his son up. He'll get his gift on February 9th. Come pick him up!"

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