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Pacquiao vs Marquez - Manny's mom blames move from Catholic to Protestant for KO loss: 'That's what he gets'

Manny Pacquiao's mom says that his loss is "what he gets" for changing religion from Catholic to Protestant.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The excuses for Manny Pacquiao's losses have ranged from the sensible (he is slowing down, Marquez is the perfect foe) to the less than reasonable (Marquez had an unfair PED advantage, Manny has found God). But leave it to a family member to find an extra level of nuance in the crazy excuse book.

Manny's mom isn't blaming his having "found God" for the loss, she's blaming the specific type of religion:

Some, like his mother Mommy Dionisia, blamed his loss to his change of religion.

In an interview in General Santos, Pacquiao’s hometown, Mommy D said, "That’s what he gets for changing his religion….Since the ‘Protestant’ pastors came into his life, he has not focus on his boxing."

She does not approve of Pacquiao leaving the Catholic Church. She wants him to quit and become a Catholic again.

Many have noticed that in the last two fights which ended in defeat, Pacquiao did not enter the ring with a rosary around his neck as he did before.

Like some, will Pacquiao believe that he lost the last two fights because he abandoned the Catholic Church and that God punished him?

Roughly 70% of the Filipino population is Catholic, so he certainly did move a minority religion -- Protestants make up about 10% of the population -- so it's easy to see why it might be considered a somewhat controversial move among some.

But the idea that Manny is worshiping god, but doing it wrong, or being more distracted by the Protestants than he was by the Catholics seems a little bit crazy.

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