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Logan Cotton McGuinness ready for Friday's fight and a big 2013

Canadian super featherweight Logan Cotton McGuinness fights on Friday on the WealthTV broadcast from Montreal, and is hoping to be on ShoBox in February, the start of what he hopes is a big 2013.

Corey Erdman, The Fight Network: "Corey Erdman here with the WBA's number seven rated super featherweight int he world, Logan Cotton McGuinness. Bit of an unusual circumstance, now you're going back to Montreal; you started there, and now you're going back as one of the top 10 fighters at 130 pounds."

Logan Cotton McGuinness: "Yeah, early in my career, I had probably about six fights there, but that was back at the casino shows they used to put on. Those were smaller shows. This is going to be probably the most people I've had watch me fight, so I'm excited to get to the Bell Centre. I was actually scheduled to fight there a couple years back, but I was a swing bout, unfortunately never got on that night. Finally it's happening. I've done my last seven fights at the Hershey Centre, with my hometown and stuff, so it's been great, but now I'm excited to show the Montreal fight fans Logan Cotton McGuinness in a ten-round fight."

Corey Erdman, The Fight Network: "Is it kind of added motivation for you to go back and show them how you've improved? They saw you when you were a novice, and now you're a world contender."

Logan Cotton McGuinness: "Exactly, I was a four-round fighter. Now I'm a 10- and 12-round championship fighter. I'm really excited to go back and show them me in a 10-round fight. I'm excited, I'm getting ready for it and had a great camp. I'm real excited for it."

Corey Erdman, The Fight Network: "It's not just the Montreal crowd, you're also going to be in front of the American audience on WealthTV. Does that give you added motivation? Are you thinking about that at all?"

Logan Cotton McGuinness: "You said it right there. I had one fight in America. It wasn't a great fight for me. May 2010, right? It was a while ago. I've been excited since that fight to get back and be shown in America. Although it's not in America, it's being shown in America. I want to really show the American fight fans and the Montreal fight fans who I am."

Corey Erdman, The Fight Network: "You're starting to make these strides. You're on American TV. There are big things for you on the horizon. Was there a period of time when you were kind of getting anxious? You know, 'When am I making that step? When am I going to get to fight in front of a new audience?'"

Logan Cotton McGuinness: "Yeah, but I've been very patient. I'm happy fighting here locally, too. We've got great crowds, and we've been matched and promoted great here. I'm a patient guy, I knew my time would come. Hopefully this is a good fight and then we'll be over in America again soon. Hoping for a big, big 2013."

Corey Erdman, The Fight Network: "You've been extremely fortunate as you've been coming up. There aren't a lot of fighters who can come up and still have 5,000 people in the audience locally."

Logan Cotton McGuinness: "Yeah, exactly. Fighting at the Hershey Centre, I think sometimes we've been getting six, seven thousand people. It's been great. I'm a ticket seller here. Now we've got to make me a ticket seller elsewhere."

Corey Erdman, The Fight Network: "I mentioned something being on the horizon, and it's been out there a little bit. There are rumors that you could be on Showtime in February against Art Hovhannisyan. Are the rumors true? Is that what you're looking toward?"

Logan Cotton McGuinness: "Right now it's just this fight, but from what I know it's going to be a big 2013 with some big fights. I'm hearing Showtime date, so I'm excited, but not looking past this fight. I've got to get through this fight first, enjoy the rest of this year, and start 2013 with a bang."

Corey Erdman, The Fight Network: "Well let's talk about that fight on WealthTV on December 14. What do you know about Carlos Manuel Reyes?"

Logan Cotton McGuinness: "Unfortunately we didn't know too much about him until just recently. I managed to actually myself find some footage on him. But it was not easy. A lot of his fights have been in the Dominican Republic, and one was in Haiti against the Jamaican kid (Nicholas Walters) who's fighting for the featherweight world title now. He gave that kid a tough fight, went 11 rounds. It was a scheduled 11-round fight, and he actually dropped (Walters) in the seventh round. From the footage I've seen of him, he's a strong guy. Must be short, because he's a pretty thick guy. He looks probably about 5'4", 5'3". So I'm expecting to use my height, use my reach, and set up stuff with my jab and my angles and my movement. He doesn't do anything too exceptional, but he's a very strong guy. Any punch can turn a fight around, so I've got to be careful the whole time, and aware of everything."

Corey Erdman, The Fight Network: "You've kind of constantly been in camp for almost a year now, given that you had the fight in September. You've had a couple changes in your camp now, are you comfortable with where you're at with the new trainer, and with where you're spending your time in camp?"

Logan Cotton McGuinness: "This is my third camp with (Ryan Grant), so we've gotten to know each other well. It'll be a year come February that we've been working together. We know each other well now, and stuff's coming together. To be honest, this camp has been the best camp I've had yet. Even R.G. is excited the way I've been showing in the gym. If this translates into my fight, everyone's gonna be excited. They're going to see a new Logan Cotton McGuinness. Still exciting, still an exciting fighter, but not just fighting recklessly like I have sometimes in the past. I'm an exciting fighter, sometimes that happens, but now I'm going to show some different things. Some good boxing, good combinations, movement and angles. Still exciting, but a different Logan Cotton McGuiness."

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