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Team Pacquiao allegedly attacked photographer after KO loss to Marquez

With Manny Pacquiao down and out on the canvas, veteran Getty Images photographer Al Bello did his job and tried to take photos. He was then allegedly attacked by Team Pacquiao members Michael Koncz and Buboy Fernandez.

Al Bello

According to a story at Yahoo! Sports by Kevin Iole, Team Pacquiao members Michael Koncz and Buboy Fernandez allegedly attacked veteran Getty Images photographer Al Bello, upset over the fact that Bello was getting shots of Pacquiao face-down on the canvas in the aftermath of the knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez.

Bello is one of the best-known boxing photographers in the world, so this is not some hack photographer who was there with some fringe outfit, if you might possibly wonder that. Nevada State Athletic Commissioner Keith Kizer said he told Bello to get the police involved, but all Bello wants is an apology.

Chris Cozzone, another fine fight photographer, was on the scene and got photos of the melee. Iole says that after he told Koncz via text message that there was photographic evidence, Koncz stopped responding. You can see the photos at the Yahoo! story page.

Kizer also added this:

"What I find interesting is that neither of these gentlemen, nor anyone else on Team Pacquiao, had any problems when the photographers were doing their jobs and shooting pictures of Ricky Hatton after Manny knocked Hatton out."

You may recall a photo -- as our own Kory Kitchen did on Twitter -- that you have seen in the past, of Buboy Fernandez standing over a knocked out Hatton in celebration back in 2009. This isn't something Buboy should really be ashamed of -- it happens, and bad knockouts happen, and the winning side is always happy.

What Buboy and Koncz should be ashamed of, if the allegations are true, is their conduct in this matter.

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