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Austin Trout ready for all comers, including Alfredo Angulo or James Kirkland

Austin Trout says he's looking to take on any of the top fighters in the 154-pound division, including Alfredo Angulo or James Kirkland.


Austin Trout says he's ready for anyone from a list of fighters at 154 pounds that HBO showcased on November 10, noting as he did then his absence from that list, which aired a few weeks before Trout beat Miguel Cotto in New York, on Showtime.

Trout (26-0, 14 KO) told The Boxing Lab that he's prepared to face the top contenders in the division:

"I'm down to fight them all. Angulo, Kirkland, any of them on that damn list that didn't include me (laughing)."

Trout also said it's "upsetting" that Golden Boy would still push for a fight between Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto, but Canelo's team recently said that they're no longer interested in facing Cotto, and did express at least some interest in taking on Trout instead.

There's not much doubt that Trout will get some kind of big fight at some point in 2012, but an opponent may not be easy to find. Trout is awkward, just now making his name for himself, and a talented southpaw who can box. There haven't historically been guys lining up to fight era-similar fighters like that, but I'm sure he can find a dance partner soon enough. He's got Haymon backing, and he's made his mark. He may not get Canelo, but he's bound to get somebody of note.

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