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Adrien Broner and Timothy Bradley's trainer Joel Diaz discuss Pacquiao knockout, Marquez's power

Adrien Broner and Timothy Bradley's trainer Joel Diaz discuss Manny Pacquiao's knockout loss and Juan Manuel Marquez's power.

Fight Hub TV: "Why don't you guys talk to me about the Pacquiao fight? What happened?"

Adrien Broner: "You seen what happened."

Fight Hub TV: "Were you shocked?"

Adrien Broner: "I wasn't shocked. It was a shot he didn't see that he ran into. It didn't even have to be that hard. You run into a shot like that, that can happen to anybody. Lights out."

Joel Diaz: "Yeah, I was (shocked). Those were a great six rounds. I never thought they were gonna give us such an intense fight in six rounds, man. We enjoyed it. Really good. Pacquiao didn't see that right hand coming, and it shocked the world."

Fight Hub TV: "Was Timothy (Bradley) bummed out?"

Joel Diaz: "I don't about bummed out, but Marquez winning the way he won that night, it just changed all the cards in boxing for everybody. Now they have to make adjustments and see what comes up."

Fight Hub TV: "Looking at Marquez, at 39 and it seems he's just completely changed his career around, he's turned from a fighter who would knock out people with an accumulation of punches to a fighter now that knocks out people with one punch at 39. What do you think of that?"

Joel Diaz: "I just think it's determination and hard work. He really wanted. After the first three fights, he had in his mind he wouldn't get a fair shake. He had to work extremely hard to put up that performance, to end the fight they way he ended it."

Adrien Broner: "I don't wanna be a hardass, but this has only happened one time, so you can't really say that he's a one-punch knockout artist yet. It was a good shot."

Fight Hub TV: "Well there was (Likar) Ramos he knocked out with one punch."

Adrien Broner: "It was a good shot. That, the opposition he was up against... But he's a good fighter, a future Hall of Famer, and I'd like the fight next."

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