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Donaire vs Arce: Picks and predictions from the Bad Left Hook staff

Nonito Donaire faces Jorge Arce in tomorrow night's HBO main event. Will Arce claim another big upset and yet another world title, or does Donaire keep on rolling through the 122-pound division?

Chris Farina/Top Rank

The Bad Left Hook staff picks the winner for tomorrow night's Nonito Donaire vs Jorge Arce fight on HBO.

Ryan Bivins

Arce may only be three years older than Donaire but he has well over twice the amount of fights. When interviewed on their matchup both fighters agreed the fight would not go the distance. Both definitely have the power to get the job done too. But I just can't see Arce dealing with Donaire's speed. Arce is not that good defensively nor is his timing or counter punching that great. Arce however is one tough SOB and hasn't been stopped early since 1996. Arce can take a serious beating and I think he'll keep coming back for more until the referee shows mercy, most likely because of cuts. I'll say Donaire scores a 10th round technical knockout.

Scott Christ

Jorge Arce is a very tough man, but Nonito Donaire is pretty tough himself, and he's traditionally blown away action fighters who give him openings, such as Vic Darchinyan and Fernando Montiel. Arce isn't a horrible fight for Donaire to be taking, but since styles make fights, it's almost impossible to see Arce gutting this one out. He can't outbox Donaire, so he's going to have to outmuscle him to have any shot at winning. Arce pulling this off would be a major upset. I don't think it's going to happen, and I don't think it's going to be very close. Donaire by sixth round stoppage.

Tom Craze

A win here would cap off a fine year for Donaire, and that's exactly what we should expect to see. Arce will come to fight, which is a quality that's been lacking from some of Donaire's recent opposition, but it's also likely to be his undoing. Assuming he sticks to the style we've become accustomed to, there's little danger the Mexican pulls a Narvaez, as it were.

There's a possibility that Donaire falls back into bad habits here, though, again looking to force the knockout against a guy who'll be very much hittable on the night. The difference this time is that he'll get it, and with plenty to spare. Donaire TKO9

Kory Kitchen

I think this will be a blowout. Donaire is too big, too strong, and too fast for one of the best action fighter's of this generation, Jorge Arce. Arce may land a good shot or two, but he will not have the power and skill to consistently stop his superior opponent.

For those expecting a shootout while it lasts, don't forget Arce's fight with Vic Darchinyan. That was supposed to be a slugfest too, and instead it became a rout. That's what this will be, only Donaire is much, much better than Darchinyan. Donaire by stoppage in five.

Dave Oakes

Donaire v Arce should be great fun whilst it lasts, Donaire likes opponents coming forward and Arce will definitely be doing that. It's remarkable that Arce is still fighting at world level considering his age, the amount of fights he's had and the style in which he fights.

Donaire's victory over Toshiaki Nishioka in October was the best performance he's produced since his move up to super-bantam. He was razor sharp from the first bell and seemed intent on stopping his Japanese foe. If he can produce a similar showing against Arce then I can see him securing another late stoppage, with a bloodied and battered Arce being saved from his own bravery by the referee or his corner. Donaire by late stoppage.

Final Tally: Nonito Donaire 5, Jorge Arce 0.

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