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Getty attorney wants Manny Pacquiao suspended for photographer incident

An attorney for Getty Images wants Manny Pacquiao and the two members of his team suspended for their roles in an alleged attack on ringside photographer Al Bello this past Saturday.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

An attorney for Getty Images has demanded that the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspend Manny Pacquiao, adviser Michael Koncz, and assistant trainer Buboy Fernandez for their role in an alleged attack on photographer Al Bello this past Saturday, according to Kevin Iole.

Koncz and Fernandez allegedly attacked Bello after the credentialed photographer was shooting a knocked out Manny Pacquiao while he was down face-first on the canvas. Bello says that Pacquiao's lead trainer Freddie Roached told him not to take photos, and when he continued, Koncz and Fernandez went after him.

Koncz called it a "misunderstanding," while Fernandez issued a far more sincere apology, and accepted responsibility for his actions.

Like Iole, I can't understand what basis anyone would have to suspend Pacquiao, who certainly wasn't aware the situation was happening. Koncz and Fernandez could face some kind of punishment, and if the allegations are true -- which Buboy seems to indicate they are -- then that would make sense. But it would make absolutely no sense for Pacquiao to be held responsible for two men behaving this way while he was knocked out.

Top Rank's Todd duBoef sees it about the same way:

"If Koncz and Buboy did something, they need to be accountable for it. They need to talk to the commission and talk to the Getty people, but I don't see how you could ever think Manny Pacquiao would be responsible for that."

Bello asked only for an apology at first, and has since reportedly directed questions about the incident to the Getty PR and legal teams.

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