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Groves vs Johnson results: George Groves cruises to blowout decision win

George Groves faced little resistance from 43-year-old Glen Johnson, winning a fairly easy 12-round decision in London to stay undefeated.

Scott Heavey
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

If there was any question about what Glen Johnson still had left, that was answered today, as the 43-year-old former light heavyweight world champion was soundly defeated by George Groves in London, losing on scores of 120-107, 120-107, and 119-109. BLH had it 119-108 for Groves.

Groves (16-0, 12 KO) overwhelmed Johnson (51-18-2, 35 KO) for most of the fight, as the faded veteran proved that he's still one of the toughest men in boxing, and remains hard to hit clean with his high guard, but also proved that he's no longer a formidable offensive fighter, and doesn't have much that is going to worry upper-level opponents anymore.

Johnson relied almost solely on trying to set up his trademark chopping right hand, occasionally finding spots to uncork it. He did land a few, but even more than having absolutely no variety in his attack anymore, Johnson, like many old fighters, simply can't pull the trigger quickly enough any longer. Many said during the fight that a prime Johnson would clearly beat this version of the 24-year-old Groves, which is a fine point, but ultimately means nothing. We'll never see that. Instead, we saw Groves beat up a fighter who can still take a shot and little more. Even what he landed had little power behind it, and Groves was never really in any danger whatsoever.

Johnson did manage to stand up to some pretty heavy attacks from Groves, which is good when discussing how tough he is, but not great when discussing any idea that he might continue on in the sport. He could fight, if he wants to face fellow older fighters or guys who just aren't any good at all, and he could win some bouts. But against opposition ranging from Carl Froch to Andrzej Fonfara, Johnson has come up well short in four straight contests now, and his time as a relevant fighter in either the super middleweight or light heavyweight division has come and clearly gone.

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