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Golden Boy to sign Anthony Ogogo, run shows in the United Kingdom in 2013

Golden Boy Promotions are setting up to run shows on British soil in 2013, and will soon officially announce the signing of 2012 middleweight bronze medalist Anthony Ogogo.

Scott Heavey

Golden Boy Promotions are backing up their claims lately. They said for a long time they'd bring boxing back to network television in the United States, and did this past weekend, when they had a live fight on CBS on Saturday afternoon. Richard Schaefer has also talked a lot about running shows in the United Kingdom, and it looks like that's in the hopper for early 2013.

Gavin Glicksman reports at The Sun that Golden Boy are aiming to run a show on British soil in the first quarter of next year, and that they'll also soon officially announce that they've signed Olympic middleweight bronze medalist Anthony Ogogo to a multi-year contract.

Ogogo, 24, had a strong showing in London, and figures to be at least a decent pro prospect. Schaefer says they're looking not just for medal-winning fighters, but for fighters with the right mix of "talent and charisma," and Ogogo definitely has the look and the personality, at least at a glance.

The Lowestoft native would be the first of Team Great Britain's medalists to officially turn to the professional ranks. Super heavyweight gold medalist Anthony Joshua -- arguably the prize name coming out of the 2012 Olympics -- appears to be leaning toward staying in the amateur ranks, where he might fight in the World Series of Boxing.

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