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Timothy Bradley vs Lamont Peterson rematch again discussed, Peterson-Holt bid won by Shaw

Lamont Peterson's name is back in the mix for a rematch with Timothy Bradley in March, and Gary Shaw won a purse bid for a 140-pound title bout between Peterson and Kendall Holt.

Patrick McDermott

For a guy who is coming off of a drug scandal, isn't in demand, and whose purse bids are going, going, gone at "minimum allowed," Lamont Peterson has kept his name in the mix pretty well since his failed VADA test last spring -- though that doesn't mean he's gotten himself into the ring.

Peterson, who turns 29 in January, is again being discussed as a possible foe for Timothy Bradley, now with March being the working time frame, while Gary Shaw won a purse bid for his fighter Kendall Holt's mandatory shot at the IBF junior welterweight title that Peterson still somewhat ridiculously holds.

Peterson (30-1-1, 15 KO) last fought in December 2011, when he scored a hotly-debated and rather controversial win over Amir Khan in Washington, D.C., a city talked up as a potential new fight hub before that fight, and one that hasn't hosted anything relevant since. Officiating at all levels was questioned, and since then, the whole shebang has just become worse, as Peterson admitted to being injected with synthetic testosterone "pellets" before that fight.

Bradley (29-0, 12 KO) is coming off of his own controversy, a win over Manny Pacquiao that few believe he came close to earning in June. He's been rumored for dates on December 15 (obviously, that passed), February 9, and February 23. Now, March appears to be the target. Bradley beat Peterson handily, though it was a competitive bout, in December 2009.

As for the Peterson-Holt possibility, Shaw won that with a $50,000 bid, the minimum. It's incredibly unlikely those two would split $50,000, but as silly as it sounds, it might not be impossible to imagine. In October, Peterson's team won a purse bid for a fight with Zab Judah, also for $50,000, with Judah never seriously considering taking the fight, it seemed. Judah has abandoned his spot in the IBF rankings for a February shot at WBC and WBA titlist Danny Garcia on Showtime, which bumped Holt into the mandatory position.

There's no doubt that there's more money in a Bradley rematch than a fight with Holt, but it remains to be seen if HBO will want to bring Peterson back, and he still has to actually deal with his testosterone issue, too.

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